Tech, Production, Access: Workshop + Q&A

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For grant, resident, teaching, and working artists at BAX, this Tech, Production, and Access workshop facilitated by BAX’s Artist Services Marketing Manager, David Sierra, will review technical and virtual production possibilities for BAX artist and education programs, including space grant program and works in process, artist in residence (AIR) productions and curations, youth, and performance workshop classes. 

In particular, this workshop will showcase different processes of planning, making, and sharing digital performance work online and offer technical and administrative details and tools such as editing capacities and options for sharing work via BAX’s virtual galleries, programs, and presentations.

A BAX “Tech, Production, and Access” guide, which includes production options, technical tools and tips, and details about virtual access practices (such as captioning and transcribing, audio and sound describing, and more) will be provided in PDF format for attendees to reference throughout the workshop and beyond. 

Time will be dedicated in the workshop for general questions with an opportunity to schedule more one-on-one meetings to review specific questions and ideas at a future date. 

Questions, inquiry, and suggestions are welcome. Please email


REGISTER HERE for the 11:00AM Thursday, November 12, 2020 session

REGISTER HERE for the 6:00PM Thursday, November 12, 2020 session

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