The Construction Workers Art Show


May 4-June 19

Reception: May 31, 2015 | 2:00-5:00pm


Featuring work by:

Fred Becker | Art Cabrera | Chris Carlson | Greg Davidek | Shawn Gargagliano
Kent Johnson | 
Aki Kumono | Ron Mitkowski | and guests


2015 marks the 15th year for the annual Art by Construction Workers exhibit at BAX | Brooklyn Arts Exchange.

This curated art series is composed of construction workers, all in their sixties, who have spent most of their lives working in the trades and making art. Some went to art school and others are self-taught. By necessity and choice, they have supported their families and their art by working as carpenters, painters, electricians, cabinet makers, contractors and construction managers.

The exhibit includes photography, painting, sculpture and mixed media. “THE MISSING YEARS” reflects a nostalgia of broken memories: years spent building homes, making art and raising families.

None of them would call their art-making a hobby. Nor do they see the visual explorations of their individual worlds as limited or defined in any way by their physical labor. Both require skill and creativity, but one has a predetermined end and the other remains open ended. They are grateful for the opportunity to share their explorations with you.



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