2013 Awards Photobooth


Marya Warshaw (BAX Founder & Executive Director) and Jane-Cole Raftery (BAX Awards creator).

David Tykulsker, Nadia Tykulsker (first recipient of the BAX Alumni Space Grant), and Deborah Schwartz (former BAX Board President).

Dean Moss (Performance & Video Artist, former BAX Artist In Residence, 2006 BAX Arts & Artists In Progress: Artist awardee) and Young Jean Lee (2013 BAX Arts & Artists In Progress: Artist awardee).

Fernando Maneca (BAX Marketing & Communications Director, former BAX Artist In Residence) and Karen Bernard (New Dance Alliance Director, 2006 BAX Arts & Artists In Progress: Arts Manager awardee).

“Rolling down” in honor of Barbara Mahler.

The Awards host George Emilio Sánchez with last year’s Arts Manager awardee, Nicky Paraiso (LaMaMa Programming Director for The Club and La MaMa Moves! Curator).

Production shots for Wes Anderson’s upcoming movie? Hmmm, maybe … Isabel Cruz (BAXco Dancer), Molly Pope (songstress extraordinaire), and Max Steele (2012-13 BAX Artist In Residence).

Arts Administrators rule the world!!!

The new Charlie’s Angels: Fernando Maneca (BAX Marketing & Comminications Director), Nia Austin-Edwards (BAX Marketing & Comminications Manager) and Melanie Jones (BAX Development Associate). 

Julianne Carino (BAXco Dancer) and Megan Sprenger (New York Live Arts Director of Marketing and Public Relations).

Dana O’Brien (BAX Education Assistant).

Caitlin Duffy, Young Jean Lee and Marya Warshaw.

The other Charlie’s Angels: Rob Lovering and Lucia Scheckner (BAX Education Director).

“We match!”Fernando Maneca and Vanessa Adato (BAX Managing Director).

Marya Warshaw and Angela Jimenez (photographer).

Mother & daughter: Amy Sumner (BAX Board member) and Odessa Jacobson (BAXco Dancer).

WHAT?!? — Julianne Carino (BAXco Dancer), Joie Golomb (BAX Education Assistant), Isabel Cruz (BAXco Dancer), Odessa Jacobson (BAXco Dancer), Lucia Scheckner (BAX Education Director), and Dana O’Brien (BAX Education Assistant).

Oh snap! — Guillermo Cruz, Isabel Cruz (BAXco Dancer), and Amy Metroka (BAX Board member).

Christiana Axelsen (BAX faculty), Odessa Jacobson (BAXco Dancer), Jill Sigman (choreographer).

Isabel Cruz (BAXco Dancer), Donna Costello (BAX Faculty), Odessa Jacobson (BAXco Dancer), and Julianne Carino (BAXco Dancer).

Rebecca Wender, Jon Kinzel, Stanford Makishi, Jimena Paz, and Marya Warshaw.

Photos by Angela Jimenez Photography

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