Arts & Artists In Progress Awards History

 The BAX Arts & Artists in Progress Awards

In 2001 BAX’s Arts and Artists in Progress Awards were designed to honor individuals in the arts who have revealed and transformed our creative world. By instigating and enduring change they have deepened the definition of their field and paved the way for others. The BAX Arts & Artists in Progress Awards have gone to some of the most talented, generous and creative individuals in NYC dance, theater or performance.

For 15 years these awards were given in three areas: Performing Artist, Arts Educator, and Arts Manager. An additional Honorary Award was given to individuals or groups that transcended these categories but none the less worked tirelessly to support the performing arts.

Each awardee is asked to Pass It On, honoring a colleague who demonstrates the same qualities for which they, themselves, were chosen.

In 2016 BAX took a hiatus from the Arts & Artists in Progress Awards to celebrate 25 years of Teaching & Learning. To commemorate this auspicious milestone we presented veteran BAX teaching artists with the inaugural Dani Nikas Award for Excellence in Teaching.

In 2018 BAX celebrated 25 Years of Artists In Residence, honoring the many artists who called BAX home as well as BAX’s Founder, Marya Warshaw, who took the opportunity to announce her retirement.

In 2019 the Arts & Artists in Progress Awards were redesigned to honor individuals and organizations in the performing arts who through their leadership, advocacy, organizing, teaching artistry and/or their own work, have challenged oppression, whether through the lens of race, sexuality, gender or ability.


ACRE (Artists Co-creating Real Equity)Passing It On to
The Laundromat Project
Irondale Ensemble ProjectPassing It On to
Letter of Marque
Eva Yaa AsantewaaPassing It On to
Dancing While Black / Paloma McGregor


ARTIST Yvonne MeierPassing It On to
Ishmael Houston-Jones
ARTS EDUCATOR Fabian “Farbeon” SaucedoPassing It On to
Hip Hop Re-Education Project Youth Board
ARTS MANAGEMENT Gina GibneyPassing It On to
Amy Miller
HONORARY Mac Wellman


ARTIST Sarah East JohnsonPassing It On to
Ashley Brockington
ARTS EDUCATOR Paul LanglandPassing It On to
Ellen Fisher
ARTS MANAGEMENT Sheila Lewandowski & Brian Rogers
for The Chocolate Factory
Passing It On to
Carla Peterson
HONORARY Marlène Ramírez-Cancio
Associate Director, Arts & Media
The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics


ARTIST Young Jean LeePassing It On to
Faye Driscoll
ARTS EDUCATORBarbara MahlerPassing It On to
Donna Costello
ARTS MANAGEMENTJanet StapletonPassing It On to
Sara Juli
HONORARYCorcoran Cares
a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the various communities that Florida and New York residents call home


ARTIST Jon KinzelPassing It On to
Mark Robinson
ARTS EDUCATORPat HallPassing It On to
Pam Patrick
ARTS MANAGEMENTNicky ParaisoPassing It On to


ARTIST Gus Solomons Jr.Passing It On to
Malcolm Jason Low
ARTS EDUCATORTerry GreissPassing It On to
Leese Walker
ARTS MANAGEMENTLeslie StrongwaterPassing It On to
Andy Horwitz
HONORARY José Joaquín Garcia & The Brooklyn New School


ARTIST Tere O'ConnorPassing It On to
luciana achugar
ARTS EDUCATOREdie DemasPassing It On to
Dr. David Montgomery
ARTS MANAGEMENTJack WalshPassing It On to
Kim Maier
HONORARY Deborah Schwartz
Executive Director, Brooklyn Historical Society


ARTISTSYasuko YokoshiPassing It On to
to Movement Research’s the SPRING Festival
Deborah HayPassing It On to
Movement Research at the Judson Church
ARTS EDUCATORSReg FlowersPassing It On to
Chris Hammett
Jessica NicollPassing It On to
Charles Holiday
ARTS MANAGEMENTJen AbramsPassing It On to
Pele Bauch
Ruby LernerPassing It On to
Fractured Atlas
HONORARY Susan Perlstein
Founder, Elders Share The Arts


ARTIST Dean MossPassing It On to
Chez Bushwick
Pamela SneedPassing It On to
Olive Bieringa
ARTS EDUCATORSGeorge Emílio SánchezPassing It On to
Bronx Museum Center for Arts Education
Denise JeffersonPassing It On to
Dwight Rhoden & Desmond Richardson
ARTS MANAGEMENTKaren BernardPassing It On to
Caterina Bartha
Bob Yesselman Passing It On to
BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange AIR Program
Founder of The Brooklyn Women’s Chorus


ARTISTSCarl Hancock RuxPassing It On to
Roger C. Jeffrey
Judith SloanPassing It On to
Melanie Hoopes
ARTS EDUCATORSSharon DunnPassing It On to
Marianna Houston
Andrew JannettiPassing It On to
Staten Island Academy's Dance Company
ARTS MANAGEMENTKristin MartingPassing It On to
Marisa Beatty
Norma Munn Passing It On to
Artists Community Federal Credit Union
HONORARY Toshi Reagon
Singer / Songwriter
Elise Bernhardt
Independent Curator and Arts Consultant


ARTISTSClarinda MacLowPassing It On to
The Movement Research Journal
Elizabeth StrebPassing It On to
Penelope Dannenberg
ARTS EDUCATORSSister Kwayera Archer-CunninghamPassing It On to
Faybiene Miranda
Joan FinkelsteinPassing It On to
Barbara Bashaw
ARTS MANAGEMENTMaurine KnightonPassing It On to
Rha Goddess
Craig Peterson
Passing It On to
The Dancers Forum
(Peggy Peloquin and Keely Garfield)
Arts Specialist to Brooklyn Borough President,
Marty Markowitz
Passing It On to
Pamela Green


ARTISTSMeredith Monk Passing It On to
Ellen Fisher
Jennifer Miller Passing It On to
Great Small Works
ARTS EDUCATORSDavid Pleasant Passing It On to
Def Dance Jam Workshop (Aziza, director)
Jackie ChangPassing It On to
Rebecca Bliss
ARTS MANAGEMENTNathan ElbogenPassing It On to
Rebecca Davis
Martha Wilson Passing It On to
HONORARYMarie Artesi
Former Director of the Community Arts Development Fund of the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs


ARTISTSRenoPassing It On to
Marga Gomez & Carmelita Tropicana
Marlies Yearby Passing It On to
Nia Love
ARTS EDUCATORSMartha BowersPassing It On to
Leah Osman
Ana Maria AlvarezPassing It On to
Center for Family Life — Life Lines Community Arts Project
ARTS MANAGEMENTEllie CovanPassing It On to
Elizabeth Zimmer
Virginia (Ginny) Louloudes Passing It On to
Fund for Arts Administrators
in Susan Kennedy’s name
HONORARY Susan Glass
Former Executive Director of NYC Department
of Cultural Affairs/Materials for the Arts


ARTISTSPeggy Shaw Passing It On to
W.O.W. (Women’s One World Café)
Hank Smith
Passing It On to
Tracy Mann (Artistic Director)
Sandra Stratton-Gonzalez
Passing It On to
The Artist Federal Credit Union
ARTS MANAGEMENTSteve Gross Passing It On to
Red Dive
Mikki Shepard Passing It On to
Barbara Bryan
HONORARY Regina Hawkey
-- BAX Founding Board President
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