Art by Construction Workers

MAY 5 TO JUNE 22, 2014


Fred Becker

Art Cabrera

Chris Carlson

Greg Davidek

Shawn Gargagliano

Kent Johnson

Aki Kumono

Ron Mitkowski

… and guests


Sunday, June 22, 2014, 12 to 2 pm



We are a group of artists who became friends while working in the trades.  After fourteen years of monthly dinner meetings, taking turns cooking for each other in our homes, we have not felt compelled to name our group.  What matters is that we feel compelled to make art, and we continue to encourage and support each other in that endeavor and in all aspects of our lives. We mount a group show with occasional guests about once a year, and while the art we make is different, we really appreciate each other’s work.  And it always seems to look good hanging together at BAX.


Fred Becker is a Painting & Wallpapering Contractor.


Art Cabrera – BiB,[ Born in Bklyn] , 2nd oldest male child [#2] in a family of 9, 6 boys , 3 girls, Puerto Rican-Irish-German peoples ,a melding pot of what is a way station of Americanismo  , Brooklyn NY, Mr. Cabrera an unusual conglomeration  of ethnic mixtures, not common until recently, the mixed Bklyn- Latin-Euro being ,Deeply rooted in Nature ,nurture and all things to do with people and planets ,our front yards were the rotting reeds of the ebb and flow of the” bay” , floating side walks , gardens , dirt and critters , where slopes  of sand led  to the aqua marina of Mill Creek,  Flatlands Bay ,[ now interred in the land fill called The Marine Park Golf Course], a  waterlogged Appalachian shanty town, abandoned to  history, Polo golf shirts and the fading memories of the ” new old brooklynites “. Garbage, the sulfuric stench of aquatic matter , human waste,  floatsum & jetsum , character,s and detritus were the play ground  of his early youth, where memory, imagination  and kinship for  this way of  ” stuff” were his  path to  junk art, dadaism , nature , ready made,s , craft, folk art and the natural beauty  in rust ,rot , refuse and refinement,  a places where  beauty  is found . In  the discarded , used , common stuff,  of our mother Earth,  found on the streets ,woods ,shores or garbage piles of the world.  They make up  much of  his assemblages, tell  the story after the momentary use – value of that, that was,”   is over ”   and is  now his ” art “. Our history in the form of  objects where he try,s to share a thought,  feeling , story or vision of what he find beautiful, interesting , common, a castaways . We hope you enjoy his peace,s. Java Ackermann Sr.


Chris Carlson: I love to make things.  Just produced a play, a musical.  Wow, did that keep me busy.  As with a painting, a sculpture, the elements are scattered on the table until set in motion as one.  Does that swatch of muted cerulean work with a moment of umber?  And in theater, after the stage has been filled, it is over.  The stage is empty, waiting for its next vision.  Here, the walls will hold us for a while.


Greg Davidek began working with his father, uncles, and cousins in the family painting and decorating business when he was 14 years old. He has been working as a tradesman ever since.

Greg did undergraduate work at Mott Community College in Flint, Michigan, and the Cleveland Institute of Art in Cleveland, Ohio. He got an MFA at Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond, Virginia. He moved to New York City in 1983 after being awarded a studio at the Clocktower/PS1 in lower Manhattan.

Greg won a fellowship to the Yale Summer School for Art and Music in Norfolk, Connecticut when he was a student in Cleveland. He has been a recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts grant. He was awarded a studio at the “Cite Internationale des Artes” in Paris, France and has been to the MacDowell Colony in Peterborough, New Hampshire.

Greg lived in Park Slope for over 17 years and has worked with several members of Art by Construction Workers. He has been a part of the group for over a dozen years. He now lives on the Upper East Side with his wife and two young children and maintains his studio in Long Island City.


Shawn Gargagliano-I have earned my living as a carpenter since when I was studying art at Cooper Union in 1971.  At the present, my art practice involves recycling left-over materials and debris from my work. One person’s junk is another person’s art.


Kent Johnson-Well, I’m from New Hampshire and came here in 1982 to go to grad school at Brooklyn College, where I met my wife. I’ve been painting since I can’t remember. I’ve had construction jobs since I was 15. I taught figure painting at Pratt Manhattan for several years. I’m painting heads of writers and others now. I tend not to analyze it but am compelled to do it. Painting generates reading which generates painting and more reading, and so on, and on. More info can be found at my website:


Aki Kumono: I find myself very excited when thinking about life and the human being.  It’s the excitement that always finds its way into my artwork.  It’s life itself that creates art and gives me the freedom and ability to unlock my potential as an artist.


Ron Mitkowski is an artist and construction manager.  He enjoys working with glass when he has the time to make a piece of art.  He has been working for architects for the last 10 years, specializing in building envelope preservation.  He enjoys being a part of the restoration of large buildings in NYC, Boston and Philadelphia.  Ron is the father of three incredible guys, Russ – a musician, Ivan – an artist and Charlie – a Super Hero!

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