20th Birthday Celebration

Thank you to all those who came to the Prospect Park Picnic House to celebrate BAX’s 20 years of arts and artists in progress.

Three generations of BAX Board members: Deborah Schwartz, President (1999-2007); Steven Flax, treasurer (current); Marya Warshaw, Founder and Executive Director; Regina Hawkey, President (1991-1999).

Not pictured: former board presidents Maurine Knighton (2007-2009), Jane Friedson (2009-2010), and Oli Fein (2010-present)

BAXco members: Anna Vomacka, Ariel Dineen, Isabel Cruz, Kyra Zimmerman, Maya Gonzalez, Rose Allen, Clea Howard.

Not pictured: BAXco Co-Directors, Beth Bradford and Pene McCourty

2010/11 BAX Artists In Residence: Luciana Achugar, Catharine Dill, Dan Fishback, Levi Gonzalez and Mina Nishimura.

Not pictured: Jenny MaryTai Liu

Longtime advocate and supporter, representing District 39 in Brooklyn, City Council Member, Brad Landers.

Representing Brooklyn girls all over the world, theater artist Mike Albo had the audience in stitches.

Mutual admiration. Marya Warshaw presents Gus Solomons jr with the 2011 BAX arts and artists in progress award for a performing artist.

Leslie Strongwater, recipient of the 2011 BAX arts and artists in progress award for an arts administrator, delivered one of the most memorable lines of the evening: “The arts will not disappear into nothing. The arts will disappear into everything.”

While receiving the “Honorary award for long standing theater/dance partnership between the Brooklyn New School (BNS) and BAX, with José Joaquín García as lead teaching artist”, José sang and danced into our collective hearts.
He told a story about a teacher who told him that he could sing and dance. He told us that he believed that teacher. Well, José … so do we.

The evening’s hosts, Christalyn Wright and George Emilio Sánchez lead the room in singing “Happy Birthday” to BAX, accompanied by Bob Goldberg on the accordion.

BAX’s birthday cupcake tower was as beautiful as it was delicious. Thanks to our season long cupcake sponsor, Sweet Cheeks Brooklyn.

— Happy Birthday to BAX! Happy Birthday to you!

Thank you for joining us on May 5, 2011 as we celebrated 20 years of arts and artists in progress at the Prospect Park Picnic House

hosted by George Emilio Sánchez & Christalyn Wright

performances by

LAVA  |  Famous Accordion Orchestra  |  Mike Albo  |  Faye Driscoll
BAXco Youth Dance Company (performing choreography by Nami Yamamoto)
Drew Petersen  |  and more…

BAX Arts and Artists in Progress Awards

Awardees have revealed and transformed our creative world. By instigating and enduring change they have deepened the definition of their field and paved the way for others.

The PASSING IT ON AWARD creates a complete cycle where a panel of peers chooses the awardees and the awardees choose someone who demonstrates some of the same qualities that they, themselves, were chosen for.

awards presented by: Marya Warshaw – Founder & Executive Director, BAX

artist award:
Gus Solomons jr
– choreographer and co-founder, PARADIGM
passing it on to Malcolm Jason Low

arts educator award:
Terry Greiss
– Co-Founder/Executive Director, Irondale Ensemble Project
passing it on to Leese Walker

arts manager award:
Leslie Strongwater
– Associate Artistic Director, Dixon Place
passing it on to Andy Horwitz

honorary award:
Long standing theater/dance partnership between the Brooklyn New School (BNS) and BAX, with José Joaquín García as lead teaching artist

All proceeds benefited the artists & programs of BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange.

Drinks, hors d’oeuvres and cupcakes sponsored by
Cuvée Bistro & Bar at The Greenporter Hotel
| Brooklyn Brewery | Sweetcheeks Brooklyn

food provided by
and its affiliates: The Amazing Real Live Food Co. | Block Factory Tamales | Bombay Emerald Chutney Co. | Bread Alone Bakery | Doc Pickle | Flour City Pasta | Hudson Valley Duck Farm | Jersey Farm Produce | Migliorelli Farm | Orwasher’s Bakery | Samios Foods | Tierra Farm.

Community Markets food prepared by
Soirée by Isabella Patrick and Lauren Smith

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