Memory Withholdings Curated Show

Love | Forte, Memory Withholdings Curation

Curated by Love|Fortè, A Collective (BAX Artists in Residence)


Friday & Saturday, December 20-21, 2013 @ 8:00pm
Tickets: $15 General | $8 Low-Income [buy tickets]

LOVE|FORTÈ’s Memory Withholdings is an ethnological and experiential study of memory held in the bodies and practices of African descendants in North America.  This curation stems from a study of “Acts of ‘Wommanness’; Birthing, Bridging, and Conjuring”- A forum of art, as an expression of what it means to be a woman yesterday, today and tomorrow, and an account and preservation of women’s experiences.

Filmmaker Tamu Favorite, installation artist Kimberly Mayhorn, and choreographer Paloma McGregor will share their work along side each other during the Memory Withholdings curated evening. Through their performances, studies of ‘wommanness’ are accessed and made tangible to audiences through performance; capsules of collective storytelling made manifest through visual, dance, and mixed media offerings.

“Memory Withholdings started before our meeting, as intergenerational artists, and will continue beyond us, hopefully spurring new collaborations and collectives along the way.  It is a kind of Prism Project, having many faces i.e. as installation, stage performance, or Kitchen Konversation.  As we studied the footage from our evening at BAX last May we realized that this year we’d set our sights on a dramaturge, as we craft the work into Memory Withholdings: a saga of Performance Installations and Performative Acts. Through multimedia exhibition and physical installations with a focus on social change that connects and inspires people with powerful ideas and new ways of thinking that transform our lives and the world, this curated show seeks to fill the gaps and build bridges that advance the human right to equity worldwide.”

About the Artists

Tamu Favorite

Ms Favorite is an African American writer on a mission to celebrate her rich culture by entertaining audiences with its history through stage and screen. Her work is based on facts with a goal to deliver a story through the common man and his dreams.

She was born in a car on the way to New Orleans and grew up in a small town in Louisiana.
Ms Favorite started writing plays while studying acting with Wynn Handman, who taught her to create fuller character backgrounds which lead to creating characters. She has written two full-length plays, received two playwrights’ grants. She has written an award winning short film, Harriet Returns, which was screened in sixteen film festivals. She also wrote a full length screenplay, 10 Steps Backwards. As a member of The Winter Summer Institute 2006 theatre development in Lesotho Southern Africa, she assisted in creating plays for the community.

Kimberly Mayhorn

Kimberly Mayhorn is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist utilizing installation, sculpture, theatre, dance, sound and film/video. The Brooklyn-based artist is a Whitney Museum of American Art, Independent Study Fellow, and was selected by Essence magazine as one of “30 Women to Watch.”

Mayhorn creates large-scale, site-responsive installations, assemblages, and sculptures that are process-driven and often influenced by a historical context. Mayhorn has shown in a variety of institutions such as The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Rush Arts, Five Myles in Brooklyn, Aljira in Newark, The African American Museum in Philadelphia, The University Museum at Texas Southern University in Houston, and the African American Museum in Dallas. Mayhorn has also collaborated with choreographers Dai Jian, Shalewa Mackall and the late Lowell Dennis Smith.

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Paloma McGregor

Paloma McGregor is a Harlem-based artist and community builder. She toured internationally for six years as a dancer with Urban Bush Women, and has performed in award-winning works by Jawole Zollar, Liz Lerman and Cassie Meador. McGregor co-founded Angela’s Pulse with her sister, director Patricia McGregor, to create collaborative performance work rooted in building community, telling undertold stories and animating progress. Their 2010 production, Blood Dazzler, was based on Patricia Smith’s award-winning poetry collection about Hurricane Katrina. They are currently developing a new musical about Loving v. Virginia, as well as Building a Better Fishtrap, a multidisciplinary performance project exploring water, memory and home. McGregor also produces the performance and dialogue series Dancing While Black, to support the diverse voices of black dance artists. She has received significant support for her work from the Jerome Foundation; NYU’s Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics; iLAND; Wave Hill and Voice & Vision.

About the Curators

Love|Fortè, A Collective

The creative marriage of Nia Love and Marjani Fortè, LOVE|FORTÈ A COLLECTIVE is a research/process, performance, and teaching geared collective, with a commitment to social and politically conscious art making that connects the human experience through generations. We have developed work and a teaching methodology that reflects our identity as artists of successive generations, reflecting an Africanist approach to learning and evolution. We’re interested in re-defining the Performance Experience, through a commitment to the PROCESS of art making via choreographic and Improvisational-based Performance, and an equal valuing of Research and Embodied Memory as profound sources in the creative process. LOVE|FORTÈ embraces a spectrum of performance venues and spaces i.e. theatre, installation/gallery, and site-specific spaces. Current and recent activities include site-specific investigation as a part of our pluralistic training for young artists in dance (Dance Without Walls), WOW Café, DanceNOW at Joe’s Pub performance, Judson Church, and No Longer Empty Exhibit/Site-Specific.

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