Memory Foam

Memory Foam

Curated by Erin Markey

(2013/2015 BAX Artist in Residence)


Becca Blackwell + Larry Krone

Enver Chakartash + Erin Markey

Naomi Raddatz + Nikki Calonge


Friday-Saturday, October 24-25 @ 8:00 pm

Tickets: General $16 | Low-Income $8 [Buy Tickets]


My friends and I used to take turns telling the histories of every article of clothing we happened to be wearing that day. It was a way to remember stuff we otherwise wouldn’t have. Lately I’ve been doing weirder things to remember. The stuff that feels hidden and surprising now is revealed when I let my body try to feel a memory while cushioning the experience in the cosmic landscapes of Rainbow Brite, my favorite cartoon when I was a toddler. I’m learning how historically artful and adept I am at trying to “not feel.”

Memory Foam is a collection of pieces made by performer and designer pairs where the body’s look is deeply considered. It’s about making a you-shaped imprint to sleep inside of.  And by sleep, I mean be the star of a million self-authored dreams you won’t know how to remember when you wake up.

About the Curator

Erin Markey makes live performance and video work, often with original music.  She has shown work at BAM, Under The Radar, New Museum, PS 122, Lincoln Center Director’s Lab, San Francisco Film Society, and frequently at Joe’s Pub (The Public Theater). Markey is a company member of Obie Award winning Half Straddle.  She is currently an artist-in-residence at Brooklyn Arts Exchange developing a new surrealist musical, A Ride On The Irish Cream. She was recently recognized as a Time Out New York’s Best of New York issue as “Best Offbeat Diva Who’s About to Blow Up.” [Read more]


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