curated by Melanie Jones (2013/15 BAX Artist In Residence)
featuring Cagey Productions, Theatre Conspiracy, and Danielle Marleau


Friday-Saturday, October 31-November 1 @ 8:00 pm

Tickets: $16 General | $10 Low-Income [Buy Tickets]


Are Canadians really polite? Is the Great White North truly a socialist utopia? You don’t care, you’re American.

CANADIANS ARE MEAN confronts the (in)visibility of Canadian artists in NYC. We walk among you undetected. We pass as American, but we are Other all the same. We confuse and complicate stereotypes of agreeable, boring Canucks with performance that is dark, frustrated, filled with longing.

CANADIANS ARE MEAN features the work of Cagey Productions (Karen Grenke and David Vining) remounting and reworking their 2005 moderated bitch session, “Angry Rants of the Disenchanted Foreigners”. Theatre Conspiracy (Tanya Marquardt and Tim Carlson) presents “Stray,” a dark musical memoir of writer/runaway Marquardt’s misspent youth. Vancouver’s Danielle Marleau remounts her adaptation of Daniel Reetz and Meg Holle’s absurdist and off-putting motivational seminar, “You Are Not Dead: A Guide To Modern Living.”

Asserting their own outsider identities, these artists are sure to knock your toque off with an evening of good old-fashioned immigrant angst, alienation of small country syndrome.


Angry Rants of the Disenchanted Foreigners

by Cagey Productions

Angry Rants of the Disenchanted Foreigners — A moderated dialogue/debate between two English- speaking undercover immigrants who came to New York City to pursue their non-American dreams. What does it mean to be an artist, an American, a foreigner? Cagey Productions founders and BAX 2014 Parent/Artist Space Grantees Karen Grenke and David Vining remount a revised, recontextualized Rants re: Canada.

STRAY — A teen goes from voyeur to performer at an ’90s fetish / BDSM club night. A new scene for Stray, a rock musical performance adaption of Tanya Marquardt’s memoir, which follows her story from turbulent family life in the small town west, to teen runaway in Vancouver and on to New York. Co-created by Marquardt, musician Tim Carlson and director Mallory Catlett. Stray is produced by Vancouver’s Theatre Conspiracy. An early version of Stray was presented in Vancouver at Club PuSh as part of the 2014 PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.

You Are Not Dead — Troubled by life? Tired of death? Uncertain about uncertainty and what to do with your money? Join us with other selves like yourself for the seminal wellness seminar sweeping up the nation. The Fakeproject Corporation of Canada is pleased to present You Are Not Dead: A Guide to Modern Living. With state-of-the-art perception analysis technology and good old-fashioned charm, our dynamic representative — the mesmeric Paul Gutkowski — will help you push your buttons. Over the course of this artful evening, you will: recognize and stabilize your worthless parts, quarantine and kill the unquestionably contemptible, confront and counteract the dreams and dangerous notions that prevent you from fulfilling our goals Get bent into shape! Get by instead! Get out of life alive not dead! With everything to soothe, you have only loss to lose. You deserve to feel all right.


Cagey Productions was founded in 2001 to create opportunities for emerging theatre artists. Cagey’s “trippy, episodic riff on the Electra myth” (Time Out), The Blue Puppies Cycle, was produced at venues across New York including The Chocolate Factory, The Ontological Theatre, Dixon Place and The Brick. Cagey’s The Zombie Chronicles received a Space Grant from BAX and was a featured piece at Tiny Theatre. Cagey also appeared at BAX with an earlier version of Angry Rants of the Disenchanted Foreigners. Over the past decade, Cagey has created theatre and video at HERE Arts Center, the 14th Street Y, Arts in the Parks, Puppet Playhouse, The Metropolitan Playhouse, and online. Cagey co-founder Karen Grenke was an original member of the Women’s Project Producers Lab. Co-founder David Vining was a member of Lincoln Center Directors Lab.

Tanya Marquardt is a Brooklyn-based writer and performer. Current works include Stray, her memoir-in-progress and Canadians Are Mean with BAX Artist in Residence Melanie Jones. Other credits: The Show Must Go On (Jerome Bel), Close at Hand (PuSh Festival) and Fragments, which toured to Whitehorse, Yukon in 2012.

Danielle Marleau is a director and writer from Vancouver, Canada where she founded Black Pants Productions in 2007. She has been collaborating with artists from a myriad of disciplines ever since. Black Pants and members of the Fakeproject Corporation premiered the stage version of “You Are Not Dead” in 2010 at SFU Harbour Centre in Vancouver.


Melanie Jones is a Canadian-born writer, performer and producer. Her theatrical work has been presented in four countries and her work as a writer has taken her to Paris, Zambia, India and Haiti. Her full-length play, ENDURE: A RUN WOMAN SHOW was presented in London during the 2012 Olympic Games and as part of the 2013 Scotiabank Calgary Marathon. Jones was awarded 2012 NYIT (New York Innovative Theater) Awards for Solo Performance and Original Full-length Script and was shortlisted for the Brick Award at the 2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Author of three published nonfiction books, Jones also created more than 50 episodes for CityTV, 55 videos for the LEAP PROJECT, an online course for distressed youth, and more than 25 stories for WAVES OF CHANGE, a photo-narrative documentary covering the world water crisis. She was a 2013 TEDxCalgary speaker and part of the 2014 NYFA Immigrant Artist Program. [Read more]

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