Open Studio Series 2013

FREE and OPEN to the public. | Click HERE to RSVP.

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

7:30pm | Erin Markey (theater)

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

1:00pm | Max Steele (theater)3:00pm | Melanie Jones (theater)

5:00pm | Katy Pyle and The Ballez (dance)

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

1:00pm | LOVE | FORTÈ, A Collective (dance)3:00pm | Anna Sperber (dance)

Featuring BAX’s Artists In Residence (AIR), the Open Studio Series begins a shared journey through the creative process. The audience engages with the artists as they open the doors to their rehearsal practice. This journey continues with the Works-in Progress Series in January, and culminates in the Spring performances. This is a rare opportunity to follow a work and engage its creators from the early stages through to full productions.

We developed this series to further BAX’s core mission of supporting arts and artists in progress. To us, the journey from the initial idea to the premiere of a work is as important as the work itself. We are inviting the public to see the works of our Artists-in-Residence and Space Grant recipients as it is being created and developed.

Opening the doors to the various stages of a work’s development and sharing the journey deepens the relationships between the work, the artist and the audience. Open Studio Showings include a moderated question-and-answer period where the audience’s observations and the artist’s intentions are explored.

Marya Warshaw on OPEN STUDIO 2010:

Some ideas just take a little time. The idea of OPEN STUDIO was to help foster a different dynamic between artist and audience and build a continuum for a developing work that would grow throughout the residency year. In 2009 (our first year) each artist tried something a bit different and BAX attempted to expand the dialogue even further through a video feed on our website. Well folks, free video streaming is a hit or miss endeavor. So we chose not to use that component this year but to share the experiences of the 2009 artists with this year’s and give them plenty of time and support to imagine how they might use OPEN STUDIO. The results were rewarding. Interesting choices about what material to share by the AIR – some very developed, some very raw. And equally dynamic responses, questions, feedback from audience. OPEN STUDIO week flowed well into our January Works in Progress (WIP) showings and also gave each artist an opportunity to get to know each others work in a deeper way. Artists hosted each others post showing conversations and continued to do so in the WIP showings. This kind of dialogue and trust has created one of the strongest groups BAX has ever experienced within the AIR program over 20 years.

Check out Marya’s Blog HERE to see her thoughts on Open Studio 2011.

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