Work by Mariana Valencia (BAX Artist in Residence 2016/17)

April 7, 2017 | 8:00pm
April 8 | 7:00pm and 9:00pm

Tickets: $16 General, $10 Low-Income [BUY]


“ALBUM is a solo performance where text song and dance come together in choreographic methods. ALBUM researches my herstory from a tableaux of personal narratives that encompass ethnography, memoir, and observations of my cross-cultural identifiers. I look to my herstory and pronounce its otherness as central, I uphold and juxtapose my urban experience with suburbia, the countryside, and the imaginary plane. From these observations that are factual, humorous and grave, I depict the frame from where I self-identify. My root query in these performed texts is, I’m not sure who will write a herstory about me; so I’m starting now so that they can have good notes. I perform this content in the form of an album– both a picture and song album– to inform you about who I am and why. This research particularly depicts my relationship to urbanity, vampires, love, and marginality; ALBUM navigates a cartographic herstory written from places out of focus, from where history neglects to look. ALBUM is similar to an archive, or an altar for my body. “

Artist, Mariana Valencia


Artist Bio

Mariana Valencia
is a Brooklyn based artist. Her choreography has been presented in group shows at Dixon Place, Brazil , Roulette , Center for Performance Research, Movement Research at the Judson Church, AUNTS and The Flea. Her performance/lectures have been presented at The New Museum, Communities of Practice, The New School, The Women and Performance Journal, Sunday Process Labs, Lec/Dem, and Ugly Duckling Presse. In New York, Valencia has held residencies at Chez Bushwick AIR (2013), New York Live Arts Studio Series (2013-14), AUNTScamp (2015), and ISSUE Project Room AIR (2015). Internationally, she has held creative residencies in Serbia and Macedonia. Valencia has performed with musician Jules Gimbrone ; in videos by Elizabeth Orr, Kate Brandt, and AK Burns, and in dances by robbinschilds, Kim Brandt and MPA. Her projects in costume direction include works by Vanessa Anspaugh, Lauren Bakst and Juliana May . Valencia is a founding member of the No Total reading group, a sister of Artists Space Books and Talks, and she is a co-editor of Movement Research’s Critical Correspondence (2016-17). Valencia is a Jerome Travel and Study Grant recipient (2014-15), a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant recipient (2015), a Center for Performance Research Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Artist in Residence Program recipient (2014-15), and a Yellow House Fund of the Tides Foundation grant recipient (2010-13). Valencia holds a BA from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA (2006) with a concentration in dance and ethnography.

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