Works In Progress Series


Erin Markey • Max Steele • Melanie Jones • Katy Pyle/The Ballez • Love/Fortè • Anna Sperber

Tickets: $15 General | $8 Low-Income [BUY TICKETS]


Thursday, Jan 23


Jones, Markey, Sperber

Friday, Jan 24


Ballez, Sperber, Love/Fortè

Saturday, Jan 25


Ballez, Jones, Steele

Sunday, Jan 26


Love/Fortè, Markey, Steele


Since 1991, our Artist In Residence program has served as a core for our work with artists.  The AIR program provides participating artists with one to two years of uninterrupted artistic, technical, and administrative support, as well as the rehearsal space and guidance necessary to take chances, refine their craft and expand their horizons.

The Works in Progress Series continues a shared journey through the creative process by allowing these artists take their new works-in-development from the studio to the stage. This journey began with the Open Studio Series in November and culminates in the Spring performances. This is a rare opportunity to follow a work and engage its creators from the early stages through to full productions.

These evenings are designed to offer both artists and audience the opportunity to exchange their impressions of the work. After the artists show their excerpts, they return to the stage for a moderated discussion that delves into their intentions and inspirations, and the audience’s perception.

Stay after each performance for a moderated discussion.

See BAX’s Artists in Residence showcase works in progress as they prepare for their evening-length performances in April and May 2013.

Click HERE for more information about the Artists In Residence.

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