AIR Open Studio Showings II

Free, Open to the public

Saturday | February 4

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2:00 | Kristine Haruna Lee
4:00 | Catherine Galasso
6:00 | Mariana Valencia

Sunday | February 5

[part of 2017 Artist Services Day – reservations available through the ASD page]

Noon | Ni’Ja Whitson
12:30 | Tanisha Christie*

12:30 -1:30: Video deconstruction
1:30 – 2:30: Movement deconstruction
2:30 – 3:30: Story deconstruction
*(Audience members will be “seated” at various intervals. 6 people max per interval)

The Artists in Residence (AIR) Open Studio Series II continues a shared journey into the creative process. Audiences will have an opportunity to engage with AIR artists as they open the doors to their rehearsal practice and artistic process.

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About the Work

Tanisha Christie

bathtub is a multimedia performance event of radical intimacy and surrender by inviting an audience to experience a bath with a Black Woman. There are few spaces as private as the bath. It is here I have pondered the complexity of my emotions, my femininity, my sorrow and blackness unmediated by others. It is the place where I become intimate with my rage and anguish. It is here that I replenish and refuel. With this work, I am inviting others into this space, to engage beyond the gaze and into a conversation of vulnerability.

This open studio will deconstruct each aspect of creative work in phases. Content, process and audience relationship will be explored. Pedestrian versus the performative. Witnessing and onlooking versus participation.

From 12:30p – 3:30p there will be a series of interval events. Sign up required. Note: sensitive material & participants will be filmed and photographed for use in the artist’s work. #areyouin

[Learn more]

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Catherine Galasso | Using a lecture demonstration format, Galasso will present a series of scenes and movement sketches for her upcoming project “Of Iron and Diamonds” as well as discuss its source material and future context. Themes and images from Bocaccio’s Decameron will be shared, followed by a discussion with the audience. Feedback will be used to hone and develop the scenes for a performance at BAX June 23-24 2017. [Learn more]

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Kristine Haruna Lee

Memory Retrograde is harunalee’s exploration of different historical and cultural memory systems, and it’s interplay with nonsensical language as narrative. We will be sharing our explorations of Part I, which conveys fragmented memory-images of a couple’s life together, and the pandemonium that ensues when their memories begin to mingle with past lives over centuries and multiple landscapes. We will be experimenting with original sound design by Jen Goma (a sunny day in Glasgow). A stab at calculated disorder inside the walls of a play.  [Learn more]

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Mariana Valencia | I’ll be testing out new material  where I’ll introduce two new songs and text from a trip to the Balkans this fall. This work comes together from a diaristic tableaux of personal narratives that encompass ethnography, memoir, and observations  of  my cross-cultural identifiers. My root query in these performed texts is, I’m not sure who will write a history about me; so I’m starting now so that they can have good notes.  This performance model that is at once humorous and grave, keeps me in search of the spiritual, in observation of the physical, in awe of the artificial. My intention is to write a herstory from places out of focus, from where history neglects to look. [Learn more]

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Ni’Ja Whitson | Ni’Ja Whitson presents thoughts, words, and excerpts from a new creative project on performance and the radical / ritual.  Inspired by a new work in collaboration with Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Whitson faciliates a window into theories and spaces of rage, healing, and magic making. [Learn more]

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