knot in my name

Ita Segev

Friday & Saturday
May 3-4 @ 8:00 pm

KNOT IN MY NAME is a trans-disciplinary live performance that explores the huge gaps that exist between the narratives we are taught about our body and place of birth and actual reality. A hilarious and devastating meditation on avoidance, confrontation, and necessary heartbreaks through a transfeminine and anti-Zionist Israeli lens.

Created and performed by Ita Segev

In collaboration with & directed by Tristan Powell

Video design by Matt Romein

Composition and sound design by Theda Hammel

Costume changing & labor of care by Cynthia Citlallin Delgado and Spencer Bang

Production assistance by David Sierra

Costume design assistance by Tolu Aremu 

Eventbrite - KNOT IN MY NAME (an in-progress full-length run)

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