Brandin Steffensen - Finding GertrudeSunday, February 3rd, 2013 at 11AM

A show for all ages of imagination.
Reality is sometimes hiding where you least expect it, and there are friendly mysterious creatures along the way. Fungi wear red pumps and Ravens’ songs are amplified electronically; Ballerinas indicate a course along which common sense yields to unfamiliar syntax. To find a thing you must leave home. There is Comfort in satellites telling you where to go from A to Z, but what about trying to find something in your own back yard where you think you know you left it. Nouns and Verbs have shadows underneath them, and Z to A may be the quickest way of Finding Gertrude.
The cast of creatures is in search of their God Mother, Gertrude, and they need your help to find her. Finding Gertrude is episodic dance, music, and theater that will delightfully perplex you and your little ones.

Admission: $8 per ticket | Children under 2 FREE | [Buy Tickets]


BRANDIN STEFFENSEN is a dance artist based in Brooklyn since 2008. He currently performs in the works of the lovely Keely Garfield and dances with the Liz Gerring Dance Company. Before making New York City his home in 2005 he danced for the Ririe Woodbury Dance Company of Salt Lake City and received a BFA in Modern Dance from the University of Utah. A study of game theory and complexity inform his own latest choreographic ventures. His pentamodes have been presented at Dance Theater Workshop, The Tank, The New Museum, La Mama and Rooftop Dances. His work with Deborah Hay and his performances of her News since 2006 have greatly informed his process as does his work with Nancy Stark Smith. He currently also facilitates practices of Nancy Stark Smith’s Underscore through Underscore NYC.

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