Within | Without Program

presented by DPW III
with Special Guest BAXco, Youth Dance Company

Friday-Saturday, May 15-May 16, 2015 | 8:00pm

“Within | Without” is a showcase of dance work choreographed and designed by the teen artists of DPWIII exploring perspective: internal vs external landscapes, human nature vs animal nature, the global vs the personal.

The concert will also feature two pieces by BAX’s teen repertory company BAXco.

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Program Order

If You Awaken From This Illusion

Choreographed by: Tamar Eckstein
Performed by: Zoe Fruchter, Eleanor Crawford
Music: “The Dream of Life” by Alan Watts
Special Thanks: To my amazing dancers

Hide Behind Your Teeth

Choreographed and Performed by: Justine Farhi
Music: “4102” by SoundFORMovement; personal recording


Choreographed by: Zoe Fruchter
Performed by: Leah Woodbridge, Odessa Jacobson, Julianne Carino
Music: “Sleep Doctor to Achieve Your Dreams” by Soothing Music For Sleep Academy; “Rain” and “Heavy, Thunder” by Sound Effects; “Bushes” by 1 Giant Leap
feat. Baaba Maal
Special Thanks: Thank you to my strong, amazing dancers for being so beautiful, Helen for enabling this dance and BAX for being my second home.

Discrepancies of Infinity

Choreographed by: Lissa Sangree-Calabrese
Performed by: Tamar Eckstein, Lissa Sangree-Calabrese
Music: “Something to Return to” by Jon Brion
Special Thanks: Thank you to my beautiful dancer who stuck with me throughout all the strangeness and weird analogies. You are amazing.

Restless Eye Movement

Choreographed by: Elinor Krichmar
Performed by: Eleanor Crawford, Justine Farhi, Sophie Walker
Music: “Flyin’ High” by Delicate Steve; “Meet the Cliques” by Summer Camp; “Be Above It” by Tame Impala
Special Thanks: I would like to thank my beautiful dancers for working with me tirelessly and putting in so much amazing effort. I also would like to thank our wonderful teacher Helen and the rest of DPW III for giving me support and feedback to help develop  my ideas.


Choreographed by: Sophie Walker
Performed by: Elinor Krichmar, Lissa Sangree-Calabrese
“Technically, Missing” by Dominik Hauser; “Water Failure” and “Eternal Scouts” by Welcome to Night Vale; Orphan Black Main Theme by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
Special Thanks: Thanks, Leah, for finding the music.


Sensory immersion.
Choreographed and Performed by Odessa Jacobson
Poem written by Odessa Jacobson
Music: K. Frimpong and his Cubano Fiestas


Witness the Reflection and Rigid Points

Choreographed and Performed by: Julianne Carino
Video courtesy of Victor Carino

“I am not a crook”

Choreographed by: Leah Woodbridge
Performed by: Elinor Krichmar, Odessa Jacobson, Tamar Eckstein, Sophie Walker, Leah Woodbridge
Music: “O Superman” and “Transitory Life” by Laurie Anderson; Quote taken from The Chicago Tribune, 1974.
Special Thanks: Thank you to my dancers for wholeheartedly throwing themselves behind this piece. Special thanks to Francesca and Sophie for editing the music free of cost.

What did you Say?

Choreographed by: Odessa Jacobson
Performed by: Leah Woodbridge, Justine Farhi, Julianne Carino
Music: “463” by SoundFORMovement


Choreographed by: Eleanor Crawford
Performed by: Zoe Fruchter, Lissa Sangree-Calabrese
Music: “What Do You Go Home To?” by Explosion in the Sky
Special Thanks: Thank you to my fantastic dancers for their amazing work.

Assembly of One (To be performed Friday, 5/15  by BAXco)

Choreographed by: Donna Costello in collaboration with the performers
Performed by: Julianne Carino, Justine Farhi, Odessa Jacobson (BAXco)
Music: “Jeux d’eux” by Maurice Ravel performed by Monique Haas; “Water from the Same Source” by the Rachels & Train Sounds

Couplets (To be performed Saturday, 5/16 by BAXco)

Choreographed by: Kelly Bartnik and Beth Bradford in collaboration with the original cast of BAXco 2008-2009; 2015 Restaging by Kelly Bartnik
Performed by: Julianne Carino, Justine Farhi, Odessa Jacobson (BAXco)
Music: Stabat Mater. VII. Eia, Mater, fons amoris, Stabat Mater. VIII. Fac ut ardeat by Felicity Palmer, soprano; Alfreda Hodgson, contralto; The Choir of St. John’s College, Cambridge; The Argo Chamber Orchestra; David Hill, organ


Choreographed by: Helen Styring Tocci and DPW III
Performed by: Julianne Carino, Eleanor Crawford, Tamar Eckstein, Justine Farhi, Zoe Fruchter, Odessa Jacobson, Elinor Krichmar, Lissa Sangree-Calabrese, Sophie Walker, Leah Woodbridge
Music: Mike Wall, Air, Wynton Marsalis, Mathew Gerard

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Director Bios

HELEN STYRING TOCCI (DPW III & AcroBAX Director) is passionate about creating space for people of all ages to explore their unique creativity and discover the innate strength and wisdom that lives in every body. With over 15 years of experience as a professional dancer, vocalist and movement teacher in NYC, Helen is the co-founder of Varoom Group Dance Collective and her multi-disciplinary performance works with collaborator Calia Marshall have been presented at venues throughout the city and beyond including BAX, Joyce Soho, Judson Church and DTW. Helen was the recipient of a BAX space grant in 2008.Helen is a certified yoga instructor and teaches privately throughout the city. She is also trained in CircusYoga and travels nationally teaching workshops and sharing this innovative and playful new practice, most recently presenting at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. She is a dynamic facilitator and is well-loved for her joyful approach to community building and art-making. Helen is a founding member of the Mantra Music band, Kirtan Soul Revival and leads group singing experiences internationally (www.kirtansoulrevival.com). She has been on the dance faculty of the Brooklyn Friend’s School since 2001, and it has been one of the great joys of her life to create and explore with the BAX community for the past 15 years.

SARA PROCOPIO (BAXco Director) Sara Procopio is a Brooklyn based dance artist, educator and arts administrator. She is a founding member and former Artistic Associate of Shen Wei Dance Arts (SWDA). From 2001-2012 her work with Shen Wei included originating roles in 10 works while performing and teaching at renowned venues and festivals throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States. Sara currently performs with choreographer and media artist Jonah Bokaer and continues to perform in special engagements with SWDA. As a teaching artist, she has taught at colleges and universities across the country, as well as on faculty at the American Dance Festival and internationally at the Korea International Dance Festival in Seoul and the Paolo Grassi School of Milan. Sara has created choreographic works for young artists at Greenville Fine Arts Center and BAXco at Brooklyn Arts Exchange. In addition to teaching regularly in New York City, she has served as adjunct faculty at The University of the Arts since 2011. She was a 2012-2013 Arts Management Fellow through a program of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center in conjunction with the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Professional Development Program. Currently, Sara serves as Associate Rehearsal Director for Shen Wei Dance Arts and is Coordinator of Dance Study Cycles at UArts, an immersive program of study and mentorship in conjunction with unique national and international exchanges in dance.



Eleanor Crawford has been dancing at BAX for eleven years and is a sophomore at ICE. She has performed at the Joyce Theater, Greenspace and the Judson Church. Recently, she participated in When I Was Seventeen with the Creators Collective. Eleanor is also a member of AcroBAX.

Elinor Krichmar has been dancing since she was 5 years old. She has done some work in Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Ballet but most enjoys Modern. Dance has helped Elinor grow in many ways, and has encouraged her to think more creatively, about music, movement, and enable her to see more beauty everywhere. She also has a strong love for raspberries.

Julianne Carino is a pre-professional dancer and creative artist. She attends Urban Academy as a junior. Julianne has trained in classical ballet, modern, African, Improvisation and contemporary. She currently trains at Brooklyn Arts Exchange in which she is a part of several young artist programs. She has explored many mediums of art while simultaneously holding her values of dance and creation. This summer will mark her third year attending the Bates Dance Festival.  Julianne has been deeply affected by the teachings of Kendra Portier, Helen Tocci, Shonach Mirk Robles, and Pamela Vail. Her passion and desire is to pursue dance in a professional setting.

Justine Farhi has been dancing at BAX for 7 years. She is trained in classical ballet, African, modern and contemporary. She attended the Mark Morris summer dance camp in 2012 as well as the Bates Dance Festival in the summer of 2014. This is her third year in BAXco and her second year in BAX’s Dance Performance Workshop Level III. She has performed in many works of various artists, including: Kelly Bartnik, Monstah Black, Penelope McCourty and Sara Procopio. She couldn’t imagine a life without dance in it. Her passion is to pursue dance professionally in a traveling modern dance company.

Leah Woodbridge has been dancing at BAX for thirteen years.  Her background is primarily in modern dance, but she also has training in ballet and African.  She has received additional training as a member of her middle school’s dance company and at the Mark Morris Dance Center.  She currently attends Stuyvesant High School in the 11th grade, though she is always sure to put her homework aside to make room for more dancing.  This is her third year in BAX’s Dance Performance Workshop Level III. In addition to dance, she is also interested in American politics, quantum mechanics and creative writing.

Lissa Sangree-Calabrese has been at BAX for six years and continues to love BAX. She loves the community at BAX and is grateful for all her inspiring and amazing peers. She loves to create and watch creation.

Odessa Jacobson is a Senior at the Beacon School in New York, and will attend Bennington College in the fall. She has been taking dance at Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) for 15 years. She has trained in post-modern, modern, composition, improvisation, Ballet and more at other locations including Peridance, the Bates Summer Dance Festival, and the Three Week School at The American Dance Festival. This is her 4th year in BAX’s youth dance company BAXco and her 4th year in BAX’s Dance Performance Workshop Level III. She has performed in the works of many, such as: Pamela Pietro, Kelly Bartnik, Donna Costello, Sara Procopio, Penelope McCourty and Monstah Black. Odessa has grown up around and with dance all her life. She feels inspired by passion and creating, and desires to dance professionally.

Sophie Walker has been choreographing for seven years. She is in 11th grade at Murrow and loves to write, dream, yell at people when they’re wrong, and, of course, dance.

Tamar Eckstein is a junior at Beacon High School. She has been dancing at BAX since she was 2 years old. She is thankful for all the lovely ladies in DPW III, and is amazed that another incredible year has passed so quickly.

Zoe Fruchter has been dancing at BAX for 11 years. This is her second year in DPW III. She is a sophomore at Bard High School Early College in Manhattan and is always happy to take the F train to BAX. Zoe is so thankful for the creative outlet BAX has afforded her and hopes to continue dancing for her whole life.

BAXco Choreographer Bios

Donna Costello is a dance artist working in the field of dance, theater and performance. Ms. Costello has built rich relationships dancing and creating for a multitude of artists, most recently with Vicky Shick, jill sigman / thinkdance and co-developing a movement theater work with director Jennifer Sargent/Vagabond Inventions. She was a founding member of Shannon Hummel’s Cora Dance (1997-2010) and was picked as a 2009 favorite by writer Eva Yaa Asantewaa for her performance in Carrie Ahern’s 3-hour installation, SenSATE. In 2010 she toured Germany with Dancing to Connect, performing a solo by Aviva Geismar and teaching youth. Additional projects include works by Jimena Paz, Mollie O’Brien, Stephan Koplowitz, Juliette Mapp, Naomi Goldberg Haas, the human company, composer Anne Hege and many inspiring others. Her own work has been presented by Movement Research at Judson Church, Dance Conversations at the flea theater, Green Space, Wow Café, Dixon Place, DanceNow/NYC, BAX and at Performatica in Mexico. She received a space grant from BAX in 2011 and a BAX “Artist in Process” award in 2013 from her teacher long time teacher Barbara Mahler.

Kelly Bartnik is a choreographer, performer and teacher that has been working professionally in NY since 2001.  She is an original cast member of both the Boston and NY productions of Sleep No More and has also had the pleasure of performing with Cora Dance, Melissa Briggs Dance, South Brooklyn Shakespeare, Switch N Play, and Shelter Theatre Group. Her own work has been presented at the Brooklyn Arts Exchange/BAX, BRIC Studio, DTW (formerly), Dixon Place, Joyce Soho, James Madison University, Long Island University, Arena Stage and The Publick Playhouse. She has been a guest professor at Sarah Lawrence College and director of BAXCo, the teen repertory dance company at the Brooklyn Arts Exchange. She is a founding member of GK1 Productions, a video production company specializing in dance films that premiered their latest film Reins, commissioned by Dances Made to Order.   She is currently performing in two upcoming webseries, Welcome to Our Mansion and 3L.  www.kellybartnik.com

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SPECIAL THANKS from Helen Styring Tocci

To the artists of DPW III

I would like to thank the extraordinary young women of DPW III for their fabulousness! Your passion, creativity, strength and courage; love of each other; and commitment to your creative work inspire and move me more than I can say. Thank you for allowing us to see you in all of your vulnerability and brilliance. Thank you for supporting each other (and me!) so beautifully as we engage in the challenges and joys of art making. It is an absolute honor to work with you and I could not be more proud!

To the faculty and staff of BAX

This unique program and this show would not be possible without the efforts of so many at BAX — the wonderful new director of BAXco, Sara, who does such rich and deep work with the company — our amazing dance faculty who have nurtured and inspired these strong, thoughtful, expressive dancers — Fernando and Melanie and all of their helpers that make us look so good — Vanessa, Sarah and all of the front desk folks under whose care, BAX runs smoothly — Lucia, Joie, Nadia and everyone in the education office who deal so graciously with all of the thousands of details that are vital for a show like this to happen and are so solidly there to support (a thousand times thank you!) — Emma and Terri who are literally magicians at helping to bring the dancers artistic ideas to life — and finally to Marya, who’s vision holds space for all of the magic that is BAX.

And to the BAX families

Thank you for supporting your children in expressing their unique voices- you are giving the world a rare and amazing gift!

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