DPW III 2016 Showcase program

As you look through the ocular, you will see a circle of light called the

culminating performance by Dance Performance Workshop Level III (DPW III) featuring student & director choreography

Friday & Saturday, May 13-14, 2016 @ 8:00pm

Tickets: $5 at the door

Director, DPW III, Helen Styring Tocci


*NOTE : This performance will use strobe lighting effects.

Daughters of The Mountain

Choreographed by: Julianne Carino
Performed by: Julianne Carino and Leah Woodbridge with Eleanor Crawford, Elinor Krichmar, Justine Farhi,
Lissa Sangree-Calabrese, Sophie Walker, Tamar Eckstein,
Willow Parchment, and Zoe Fruchter
Music: Video by Julianne Carino
I hold deep and unwavering respect, gratitude, and love for the bodies and minds engaged in this process of creation. Thank you!

In Seeking and Cessation

Choreographed by: Lissa Sangree-Calabrese
Performed by: Elinor Krichmar, Sophie Walker
Music: Moscow is in the Telephone by Rachel’s
Thank you to my dancers, who made choreographing fun and perform beautifully.


Beyond Recommended Capacity

Choreographed by: Justine Farhi
Performed by: Justine Farhi, Eleanor Crawford, Julianne Carino
Music: Personal recording


Our fan club meets on Wednesdays

Choreographed by: Eleanor Crawford
Performed by Eleanor Crawford, Zoe Fruchter
Music: The Bells by Lowell
Thank you to those who have helped me answer my many questions. 



Choreographed by: Willow Parchment
Performed by: Julianne Carino, Willow Parchment
Music: Gasoline by Halsey
Thanks to my mama, and my two nuggets (you know who you are).


Table Manners

Choreographed & Performed by: Justine Farhi, Julianne Carino
Made through the YouthWorks program


Moments Bestowed (BAXCO)

Directed by: Sara Procopio
Choreographed by: Oscar Trujillo in collaboration with the dancers
Performed by: Julianne Carino, Justine Farhi, Sophie Walker, Leah Woodbridge
Music: Space 21 (petrichor) and Dream 13 (minus even) by Max Richter




Once Removed

Choreographed by: Zoe Fruchter
Performed by: Tamar Eckstein, Elinor Krichmar, Lissa Sangree-Calabrese,
Sophie Walker
Music: Falling Off a Horse by Felix Laband, Appalachian Waltz- Solo Cello Version by Yo-Yo Ma
This dance was partly inspired by the words and imagery of Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Everything is Illuminated.” Thank you as always to my wonderful dancers and to BAX for allowing me to learn, share and grow as an artist and person.


So let us paint

Choreographed by: Tamar Eckstein
Performed by: Justine Farhi, Willow Parchment
Music: Lost in Blue by Houses; Color Your Soul in Black and White, Written and Read by Tamar Eckstein


Aurora in Retrograde

Choreographed by: Elinor Krichmar
Performed by: Zoe Fruchter, Tamar Eckstein
Music: Back of the Hand by British Expeditionary Force, Swirling Space Wind by
Sci Fi Sound Effects
Thank you to my wonderful and beautiful dancers for fulfilling my visions and engaging in amazing conversation. Thank you to Helen and the rest of DPW III for giving me feedback and supporting me through my choreographic process.

Our Hearts to Beat

Choreographed by: Sophie Walker
Performed by: Willow Parchment, Lissa Sangree-Calabrese, Leah Woodbridge, Sophie Walker
Music: Sparks and Bright Eyes by Sophie Walker
All the love and thanks in the world to my dancers.  You inspire me every day and I am so privileged to know you. Also want to give a shout-out to the creator of Garageband, which according to Wikipedia was Apple, under the direction of Dr. Gerhard Lengeling.  This wouldn’t be possible without you, guys!


The Long Descent

Choreographed by: Leah Woodbridge
Performed by: Eleanor Crawford, Justine Farhi, Leah Woodbridge
Music: Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads
Special thanks to Mr. Badgley, whose class shook my world. Special thanks for Francesca for all the days that went by.  Special thanks to William Faulkner for writing the dance’s opening lines. Special thanks to my wonderful dancers for living and loving this piece.


Love Letter

Choreographed by: DPW III in collaboration with
Helen Styring Tocci
Directed by: Helen Styring Tocci
Performers: Julianne Carino, Eleanor Crawford, Tamar Eckstein, Justine Farhi, Zoe Fruchter, Elinor Krichmar, Willow Parchment, Lissa Sangree-Calabrese, Sophie Walker, Leah Woodbridge
Music: To Build a Home by Cinematic Orchestra; All My Friends by LCD Sound System

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Julianne Carino is a pre-professional dancer and creative artist. Julianne has trained in classical ballet, modern, latin contemporary, African, Gaga, and Improvisation. She has explored many mediums of art that are collectively informed by her core values in dance. She has attended Bates Dance Festival for three consecutive summers. Julianne attends Dance Performance Workshop III and BAXco at BAX.

Eleanor Crawford is a junior at the Institute for Collaborative Education and has been dancing at BAX for 12 years. She has performed at the Joyce Theater, Livestream Public, GREEN SPACE and at Judson Church. Eleanor is in her third year in DPW III and is also a member of Acrobax 2.

Tamar Eckstein is a senior at The Beacon School and is excited to be attending Oberlin College next year. She has been dancing at BAX since she was 2 years old and is so thankful for all that BAX has done for her. She is so honored to have been a part of this incredible community.

Justine Farhi has been dancing at BAX for 7 years. She is trained in classical ballet, African, modern, improvisation, and contemporary. She attended the Mark Morris summer dance camp in 2012 as well as the Bates Dance Festival in the summers of 2014 and 2015. This is her fourth year in BAXco and her third year in BAX’s Dance Performance Workshop Level III. She has performed in many works of various artists, including: Kelly Bartnik, Monstah Black, Penelope McCourty and Sara Procopio. She couldn’t imagine a life without dance in it. Her passion is to pursue dance professionally in a traveling modern dance company.

Zoe Fruchter has been dancing at BAX for 12 years. This is her third year in DPW III. She is a junior at Bard High School Early College in Manhattan and is always happy to take the F train to BAX. Zoe is so thankful for the creative outlet BAX has afforded her and hopes to continue creating and moving her entire life.

Elinor Krichmar has been dancing since she was 6 years old. She has studied in hip hop, contemporary, African dance, and classical Ballet but most enjoys Modern. Dance has helped Elinor grow in many ways, encouraging her to think more creatively about music and movement. This is her second year in BAX’s Dance Performance Workshop Level III.

Willow Parchment has been dancing at BAX for six years, and is in her first year of DPWIII. She is grateful for the chance BAX gave her to focus her mind and hone her skills, and that the girls in her class are her really good friends and didn’t immediately think she was a weird celery.

Lissa Sangree-Calabrese has been dancing at BAX for 8 years and this is her second year in DPW III. She is a junior at NYC iSchool and is extremely grateful for the incredible community and creative environment provided at BAX. She loves to create and watch creation.

Sophie Walker is a senior at Edward R Murrow High School.  She has been dancing at BAX for ten years.  She is interested in politics, feminism, writing, reading, and the arts.  Next year, she will be attending Goucher College, and will miss everyone at BAX desperately.

Leah Woodbridge is a dancer and a writer, but first and foremost she is a student. She currently attends Stuyvesant High School and will enter Amherst College in the Fall, with a prospective double major in dance and political science. This is her fourteenth and last year at BAX, and she cannot thank it enough for providing her with the space that she needed in order to become an artist. She is still a fan of quantum mechanics, but less so of American politics in light of recent months.


With over 15 years of experience as a professional dancer, vocalist and movement teacher in NYC, Helen Styring Tocci is passionate about creating space for people of all ages to explore their unique creativity and discover the innate strength and wisdom that lives in every body. Helen is the co-founder of Varoom Group Dance Collective and her multi-disciplinary performance works with collaborator Calia Marshall have been presented at venues throughout NYC and beyond including BAX, Joyce Soho, Judson Church and Dance Theater Workshop. Helen is also a certified yoga instructor and teaches privately throughout NYC. She is trained in CircusYoga and travels around the country teaching workshops and sharing this innovative and playful practice. Helen is a founding member of the devotional music band, Kirtan Soul Revival and tours internationally leading group singing and movement experiences. Helen has been on the faculty of the Brooklyn Friend’s School and BAX since 2001, teaching a range of young children from ages 3-18 dance composition, technique, improvisation, partnering & acrobatic dance. She is the director of Dance Performing Workshop III, a rigorous program that includes a 3-day a week, yearlong commitment with an annual concert of collaborative and student created work, and AcroBAX II, BAX’s most advanced tumbling workshop, combining modern dance, partner acrobatics, performance, and choreography skills. It has been one of the great joys of her life to explore and create with the amazing BAX community for the past 15 years!


Oscar Trujillo is a Miami based movement artist working in choreography, direction, theatre arts education and therapeutic movement. Oscar has worked as director of DPW ll and as a teaching artist in BAX’s in school and studio based programs. Working to create this piece with this BAXco cast has been a wonderfully healing and motivating creative process.



To the faculty and staff of BAX | This unique program and this show would not be possible without the efforts of so many at BAX — Lucia, Casey and everyone in the education office who deal so graciously with the thousands of details that are vital for a show like this to happen and are so solidly there to support (a thousand times thank you!) — tech magicians Emma and Terri who’s humor and patience make show week so fun and who bring the dancers artistic ideas to life so beautifully — the wonderful director of BAXco, Sara, who does such rich and deep work with the company — the incredible directors of DPW I & II, Donna Costello and Jen McGinn, and all of our amazing dance faculty who have nurtured and inspired these strong, thoughtful, expressive dancers through the years — this year’s DPW III Guest Artists, Candace Thompson and Ni’Ja Whitson, who have challenged and inspired the dancers with new ways of moving (I’m sure you will see your legacy in their work!) — Fernando and Melanie and all of their helpers in Marketing that make us look so good — Vanessa, Sara and all of the front desk folks under whose care, BAX runs smoothly — and finally to Marya, who’s vision holds space for all of the magic that is BAX. Thank you!

To the dancers | I truly believe that you change the world through your courage, conviction and full engagement in the process of art making – through your thoughtfulness and daring to look deeply and truthfully at your selves and the world – through your playful ability to let the creative force move you – and through your brave willingness to let yourselves be fully seen. Your commitment to your own expression and your resolute support of each other inspires others to be more fully expressed. We need this! What a great gift you are giving to the world with your art.

I simply could not be more proud of you and the artistic work we are doing in (and out) of the studio. Bravo!

To BAX families | Thank you for recognizing your children’s unique artistic gifts, for supporting them in their wholeness, and for being such an amazing part of our community. BAX exists because of you!



Dance Performance Workshop III (DPW III) directed by Helen Styring Tocci, is the advanced dance workshop class offering a high level of technical and improvisational study in contemporary dance with a strong emphasis on performance skills and composition, encouraging students to rise beyond their technique alone to become well-rounded dancers, dance-makers and dance community members.



BAXco, BAX’s youth dance company, directed by Sara Procopio, is a repertory ensemble that performs work by vibrant choreographers active in the professional field. BAXco members enjoy a multi-dimensional experience of the NYC dance scene and perform at a professional level on stages throughout NYC and beyond while serving as ambassadors for BAX.

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Click HERE to learn more about Dance Performance Workshops.

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