2016 DPW I + II Showcase program

a culminating performance
by Dance Performance Workshop Levels I and II (DPW I & II)

Saturday, May 21 @ 8:00pm | Sunday, May 22 @ 5:00pm

Director, DPW I, Donna Costello  |  Director, DPW II, Jen McGinn

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Choreographed by: Jen McGinn in collaboration with the

DPWII dancers

Performed by: Ariel Gunnell, April Koffi and Ava Mascuch

Sound: “Friend Like You” by Joshua Radin


Choreographed by: Izadora Meares (DPW I)

Performed by: Olive Raymond, Holly Chisholm and Julio Diaz

Sound: “Cough Syrup” by Young the Giant

I would like to thank my parents, Donna, Ellen Robbins and my friends.


Choreographed and Performed by: Ava Mascuch (DPW II)

Sound: “Easy to Love” by The Jezabels

I would like to thank Jen, Ariel and April for making this year really memorable.


Choreographed by: Ana Mesa (DPW I)

Performed by: Christopher Tavera and Candela Cubria

Sound: a Metronome


Performed and Choreographed by: April Koffi (DPW II)

Sound: “Let it Go” by James Bay

Thanks to Ariel, Ava, Jen and Emma for all the support and putting up with all the changes.


Choreographed by: Holly Chisholm (DPW I)

Performed by: Candela Cubria and Izadora Meares

Sound: “Black Heroes” by Ratatat

Special thanks to my daddy, for helping me with music, and DPW I. Xxx


Choreographed by: Candela Cubria (DPW I)

Performed by: Olive Wilson Raymond

Sound: “Escape!” by Philip Glass

I would like to thank the entirety of DPW I for their flexibility.


A dance, parody of comedy.

Choreographed by: Julio Alberto Diaz (DPW I)

Performed by: Ana Mesa, Izadora Meares and

Christopher Tavera

Sound: “Happy” By Pharrell Williams



Choreographed and Performed by: Ana Mesa and

Olive Raymond (DPW I)


Choreographed and Performed by: Ariel Gunnell, April Koffi

and Ava Mascuch (DPW II)

Sound: “Sing with a Swing” by DKS

Special thanks to Jen for dealing with all our craziness, we love you!


Choreographed by: Olive Raymond (DPW I)

Performed by: Holly Chisholm

Sound: “Etudes” by Philip Glass


Choreographed by: April Koffi (DPW II)

Performed by: Ariel Gunnell and Ava Mascuch

Sound: “The Feeling” by Justin Beiber, featuring Halsey


Having fun and dancing with friends.

Choreographed by: Christopher Tavera (DPW I)

Performed by: Christopher Tavera and Julio Diaz

Sound: “Jumpman” by Drake ft. Future


Choreographed and Performed by: Ariel Gunnell (DPW II)

Sound: “Hey Now” by London Grammar

Special thanks to Jen for being an amazing teacher, always pushing us

to do our best, and putting up with Ava and me.


Choreographed by: Donna Costello in collaboration with the

DPW I dancers

Performed by: Ana Mesa, Candela Cubria, Christopher Tavera,

Holly Chisholm, Izadora Meares, Julio Diaz and Olive Raymond

Sound: “The Rest is Noise” by Jamie XX

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Donna Costello, DPW I Director, is a Brooklyn-based dance artist; performing, creating and teaching in vibrant communities in New York. She has taught at BAX since 1999 and is the Director of BAX’s YouthWorks Program, Dance Performing Workshop Level I, and is a teaching artist at Brooklyn New School. She also teaches for the Park Avenue Armory and Lincoln Center Education. As an independent dancer, she has worked with a multitude of inspiring choregraphers in NYC including jill sigman/thinkdance, Carrie Ahern, Shannon Hummel/ Cora Dance (founding member), Jimena Paz, Pele Bauch, Barbara Mahler, Rebecca Davis, Aviva Geismer, the human company, composer Anne Hege, Vagabond Inventions and most recently, Vicky Shick. Her own work has been presented by Movement Research, The flea theater, DanceRoulette, Green Space, Wow Café, Dixon Place, DanceNow/NYC, Brooklyn Arts Exchange (2011 Space Grant), SWEAT dance series and at Performatica in Mexico. Donna is currently creating a group movement cycle, same SAME and a new duet in collaboration with New Orleansbased theater artist Jennifer Sargent, called Jitterbug and the Aftermath.

Jen McGinn, DPW II Director, received her B.A. and M.F.A in Dance from Hollins University in partnership with the ADF. She currently teaches at the University of the Arts and co-directs their Summer Institute in Dance; is a Dance Specialist for “Life Lines” Community Arts Project; and is the Studio Manager at the Center for Performance Research. She is currently making work as a 2014-2016 Artist in Residence through Movement Research and a 2015 Gibney boo-koo Grantee. Her work has been presented throughout the East Coast and abroad at various spaces including Brooklyn Arts Exchange (2013 Space Grantee); Dance Theater Workshop (Fresh Tracks); nEW Festival (2009 AIR); Movement Research at the Judson Church (’09-’15); Danspace Project (DraftWork and Academy Dances); Philadelphia Live Arts Festival (The A.W.A.R.D Show); Franklin Street Works (Showing the Work); Dixon Place (BRINK); Performance Mix Festival (’08, ’11, ’14); CPR (New Voices in Live Performance and Performance Studio Open House); AUNTS; Community Education Center (New Edge Mix); and the National Theater of Luxembourg (Bruler Pour Briller). Her interests include Cecchetti ballet, magical thinking, and logic problems. www.jenmcginndance.com


To the faculty and staff of BAX
Thank you for making a space for all to imagine and create. To Lucia and Casey and everyone in the education office that are constantly there and who graciously help out in all that we ask and need. To Emma and Teri who are tireless in harnessing and bringing the vision of these new works to light. To DPW III director Helen Tocci and the DPW III dancers, for being a vital part of our year by supporting and collaborating with our ensembles. To the guest artists that have taught and shared with our students this year, Oscar Trujillo and Maira Duarte. To Fernando and Melanie for their mad marketing skillz. To Vanessa, Sara and everyone at the front desk that care so deeply and make BAX run so smoothly, and of course to the founder of BAX as we celebrate its 25 years, Marya Warshaw.

To BAX families
Thank you for your dedication and commitment in valuing the space we hold at BAX and for trusting us with your children. We could not be a community without you.

To the DPW I dancers from Donna
I am constantly in awe and in disbelief with all that transpires in the studio each week. To think of all the works that did not exist when we began this past September and to see the body of work that was created this year is an incredible thing. We made something significant together, and it is with the body, full of your expression and truly lives in performance. Thank you for all that you gave of yourselves, in supporting one another and your commitment to the work. I am thankful for all that we shared.

To the DPW II dancers from Jen
Thank you to my incredible DPW II students. The way you were able to work together this year, each bringing unique strengths while simultaneously listening and encouraging each other’s voices was truly inspiring. You are each so uniquely yourselves but you came together and created room for experimentation and JOY. I’ve never laughed so much in dance class. Thank you for letting me part of such a loving group.


Candela Cubria has been going to BAX since she was 6 years old. She goes to M.S. 447 and she loves acting, dancing and reading. This is her third year in DPW I.

Christopher Tavera is a fun person. He goes to school at M.S. 821/Sunset Park Prep. It is his first year participating in DPW I. He also enjoys playing basketball and other sports. He likes to be fit.

Ana Mesa has been at BAX since Pre-K and is really excited to be performing her dance pieces. Ana also enjoys playing Violin, Cello and Piano. This is her first year in DPW I.

Julio Diaz is an 8th grader at M.S. 136. He loves dancing and doing his own thing. Julio has played soccer for two years and it’s his first year in DPW I.

Holly Chisholm has been going to BAX for 4 years. She loves kittens, gymnastics, dance, her family and friends. This is her second year in DPW I. Holly is a happy person.

Izadora Meares has been going to BAX for four years. Izadora loves modern dance and just recently performed with the Shadow Box Theater. She also enjoys reading, swimming and hanging out with her friends. This is her second year in DPW I.

Olive Raymond has been dancing at BAX for 7 years. She attends Intermediate School 318. She loves art, reading, writing, music, and dancing. This is her third year in DPW I.


Ariel Gunnell has been dancing at BAX for 10 years. She’s so grateful to be a part of the BAX community and she feels as if it is her second home. She loves dance and spending time with her friends and family. As well as her dog. ABRIL!!

April Koffi has been dancing at BAX for around seven years. She is in her final year at Math and Science Exploratory School. She also loves the Living Environment class and will be taking the Regents in June.

Ava Mascuch has been dancing at BAX for around eight years now. She is in her final year at MS51 and will be going to Beacon High School next year. She is so grateful for the DPW community and all of BAX.


The Dance Performance Workshop (DPW) program develops a ‘total artist’ encompassing the roles of dancer, performer, collaborator, creator, and observer. DPW encourages young artists to work both independently and in collaboration with peers, while honing and deepening skills in technique, performance, improvisation, partnering, and developing original choreography. Admission is by invitation, and there are three levels: DPW I (ages 9-12), DPW II (ages 12-15), DPW III (ages 13+).

In addition to their DPW classes, this year several students in DPW I/II also took a weekly Modern Technique class taught by guest artist Maggie Cloud and BAX Artist In Residence Ni’Ja Whitson. Dance students interested in joining the DPW program are invited to attend an open class with DPW I on Tuesday, June 14th, 5:30-6:30pm.

RSVP to Casey Hayes-Deats, Education Manager, at casey@bax.org by June 7th

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