AIR Open Studio Showings I

Featuring work by Mariana Valencia, Kristine Haruna Lee, Ni’Ja Whitson, Catherine Galasso, Tanisha Christie, and Marissa Perel

Free, Open to the public [Reserve tickets HERE]

Saturday | November 19

2:00 | Mariana Valencia
4:00 | Kristine Haruna Lee
6:00 | Ni’Ja Whitson

Sunday | November 20

Noon | Catherine Galasso
2:00 | Tanisha Christie
4:00 | Marissa Perel

The Artists in Residence (AIR) Open Studio Series begins a shared journey into the creative process. Audiences will have an opportunity to engage with AIR artists as they open the doors to their rehearsal practice and artistic process.

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About the Work

Tanisha Christie | bathtub is a series of multimedia performance events of radical intimacy and surrender by inviting an audience to experience a bath with a Black Woman.

The impetus for this project came from the over-saturated mediated narrative of violence against Black bodies, particularly in the United States. No age, race, or economic status is exempt from its effects.

There are few spaces as private as the bath. It is here I have pondered the complexity of my emotions, my femininity, my sorrow and blackness unmediated by others. It is the place where I become intimate with my rage and anguish. It is here that I replenish and refuel. With this work, I am inviting others into this space, to engage beyond the gaze and into a conversation of vulnerability. [Learn more]

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Catherine Galasso | DECAMERON NOW (DN, temporary title) is a multi-platform serial project inspired by Giovanni Boccaccio’s 14th century book of novellas “The Decameron.” During the BAX residency, Galasso will develop the first two of what will eventually be ten chapters over the course of the next four years. The work will epitomize Galasso’s signature cinematic style and non-linear narratives, with particular nods to the dream-like current of 1960s Italian cinema. [Learn more]

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Kristine Haruna Lee

Kristine Haruna Lee will be collaborating for the first time with Aoi Lee on a mother-daughter piece. They will be in residency together for two weeks developing a performance inspired by AL’s butoh and KHL’s text. They will begin this process through images rather than conversation, as a way to bypass Japanese-English language barriers between them. They will focus their findings on ‘female metamorphosis’ and it’s relationship to spaces of 欲 (yoku) or desire.  [Learn more]

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Marissa Perel  | Tell me the parts of myself that I might not yet be able to name opens a window onto Perel’s solo dance practice as she invites artist, Keke Brown and dancer, Jerron Herman to read letters which are invitations for a long term collaboration.  The title of the work comes from Dr. Aimee Cox in conversation with Dr. Carrie Sandahl on disability, race, and the practice of dance hosted by DanceNYC in September. This work is an attempt to communicate across difference in ability and identity with many questions, many desires, and the space to feel time unfolding.
[Learn more]

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Mariana Valencia | Who will write my history and will they have good notes to write it from?
I begin my research with this inquiry and I use the concept of an album– both a song and picture album– as a method to depict who I am today. I approach text elastically in the form of songs and stories, written from my dance journals, personal anecdotes and a focus on travel logs from a recent trip to Detroit, Michigan. This album focuses onto my solo body as I navigate text, song, instrumentation and choreography to deliver my collection of stories; it’s a collection that I’m proud to tell as a fragmented album for tomorrow. [Learn more]

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Ni’Ja Whitson | This fall I will continue to develop the evening-length project, A Meditation on Tongues with Kirsten Flores-Davis toward a 2017/2018 premiere supported by the Jerome Foundation. Additionally, I will be beginning a sibling work, Someone Will Have to Answer the Mail I Leave exploring the lives of Lesbians of color who were comrades and caretakers during the height of the AIDS pandemic in the 1980s and 90s. [Learn more]


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