Artists In Residence | Works In Progress Series

Featuring work by 2014/15 Artist in Residence

Melanie Jones, Katy Pyle/The Ballez, Anna Sperber, and Aurin Squire


Thursday, January 22 @ 8:00 pm | Melanie Jones and Anna Sperber

Friday, January 23 @ 8:00 pmMelanie Jones and Anna Sperber

Saturday, January 24 @ 8:00 pmAurin Squire and Katy Pyle/The Ballez

Sunday, January 25 @ 6:00 pmAurin Squire and Katy Pyle/The Ballez


Tickets: $16-General, $10-Low Income [Buy Tickets]

These evenings are designed to offer both artists and audience the opportunity to exchange their impressions of the work. After the artists show their excerpts, they return to the stage for a moderated discussion that delves into their intentions and inspirations, and the audience’s perception.

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