2013/14 Performance Season


Featuring:Jen McGinn, Sari Nordman, iele paloumpis, Jesse Phillips-Fein more info

GREAT ROMANCE (A staged reading of) written by Jess Barbagallo more info

GUEST CURATIONS FOLK PLAY PROJECT curated by Maya Parra, Joie Golomb,
Scott Adkins
more info

MEMORY WITHOLDINGS curated by Love|Fortè, A Collective
more info

UPSTART FESTIVAL curated by Marya Warshaw & Jillian Peña
more info

NEWS CYCLE curated by Max Steele | more info

NEEDING IT ALL (New Solo Works) | more info

SPECIAL EVENTS Artists Services Day | more info

Arts & Artists in Progress Awards | more info



IN YOU. (AND YOU?) by Melanie Jones | more info

Memory Withholdings by Love|Forté: a collective
(Marjani Forté and Nia Love) | more info

MAPPLETHORPE by Max Steele | more info

A Ride on the Irish Creme by Erin Markey | more info

Sleeping Beauty and the Beast by Katy Pyle/The Ballez | more info

Every Room is Open by Anna Sperber | more info


Jen McGinn, Sari Nordman, iele paloumpis, Jesse Phillips-Fein

Friday-Sunday, December 6-8, 2013

The SPACE GRANT PROGRAM of BAX | BROOKLYN ARTS EXCHANGE is designed to give Brooklyn based dance, theater and performance artists the opportunity to create new work in a setting that is conducive to working deeply and exploring new territory.

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by Jess Barbagallo

Jess Barbagallo

Directed by Katherine Brook

Saturday, October 12, 2013 at 8pm

Tickets: $15 General | $8 Low-Income

“I started writing Great Expectations when I was a graduate student at Brooklyn College. At the time, it had another title – The Beauty of Berlin, and maybe even another title before that. So, it’s a work that’s been through lots of permutations, a reflection of my ongoing relationship to relationships, I suppose, which used to dominate the greater part of my head space. When I was in my early 20s, I was with someone I secretly thought I wanted to marry, a fraught desire for a queer person in 2005 and I suppose, even in 2013. Anyway, this play began as a gift to my partner after we split, a rather perverse good-bye present. Obviously, I was trying to process the demise of my first major romantic relationship.

The play was begun in 2009 and it’s four years later. That life seems very far away from me now, the domestic one I had with one person. So this play is maybe a collection of the things I’ve learned about loving in between, a reflection on the temptations, blessings and curses of marriage. I always wanted to make something like Bergman’s Scenes from a Marriage, something that spanned time and kept checking in with people as they changed and grew. It continues to be a work in progress.

Mostly, I’m excited by its unabashed use of heightened language, what I conceive of as a really bastardized version of Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde all rolled into one. And some other influences too … the great melodramas, like Tennessee’s Williams’ work, or that wonderful speech in Wim Wenders’ Paris, Texas – the speech Sam Shepard wrote for Harry Dean Stanton to deliver to Nastassja Kinski about loving someone so much you tie a cowbell to their ankle so you’ll always hear them if they ever try to run away – and when they do escape, it sets you off screaming into the desert, your house on fire, until you get so far away from where you were you don’t know where you are anymore.

I love that stuff.”

Jess Barbagallo, Space Grant at Large 2013

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The Folk Play Project

Sunday, October 20, 2013 at 7pm

Tickets: $5

Written by SIP & Brooklyn Writers Space Playwrights, rehearsed, staged and performed in a 24 hour period

BAX Scripts in Progress (SIP) series and the Brooklyn Writers Space join forces to stage the second annual Folk Play Project. Inspired by the power of folk music to share stories, tell truth, and bring people together, 6 new plays will be created in 24 hours, each inspired by a song from the American folk tradition. An evening featuring live music, and original theatre.


Tim Lord Megan Murtha Dennis A. Allen II
Josh Sohn Gary Winter David Loewy


Rachel Karp Lou Moreno Melissa F. Moschitto
Benjamin Kamine Aubrey Snowden Jessica Bauman


Alexis Leah Scott Nancy Rodriguez Brett Radek
Dana O’Brien David Gould Karen Eilbacher
Luke Forbes Jessie Dean Mollie Roth
Stephanie Miller Liz Kimball Elizabeth Quincy
Rafael Valentino John Gasper Israel Gutierrez
Jack Phillips Moore Will Cooper Alston Brown
Crystal Hardman

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by Love|Fortè, A Collective

Love | Forte, Memory Withholdings Curation


Friday & Saturday, December 20-21, 2013 @ 8:00pm
Tickets: $15 General | $8 Low-Income 

LOVE|FORTÈ’s Memory Withholdings is an ethnological and experiential study of memory held in the bodies and practices of African descendants in North America. This curation stems from a study of “Acts of ‘Wommanness’; Birthing, Bridging, and Conjuring”- A forum of art, as an expression of what it means to be a woman yesterday, today and tomorrow, and an account and preservation of women’s experiences.

Filmmaker Tamu Favorite, installation artist Kimberly Mayhorn, and choreographer Paloma McGregor will share their work along side each other during the Memory Withholdings curated evening. Through their performances, studies of ‘wommanness’ are accessed and made tangible to audiences through performance; capsules of collective storytelling made manifest through visual, dance, and mixed media offerings.

“Memory Withholdings started before our meeting, as intergenerational artists, and will continue beyond us, hopefully spurring new collaborations and collectives along the way. It is a kind of Prism Project, having many faces i.e. as installation, stage performance, or Kitchen Konversation. As we studied the footage from our evening at BAX last May we realized that this year we’d set our sights on a dramaturge, as we craft the work into Memory Withholdings: a saga of Performance Installations and Performative Acts. Through multimedia exhibition and physical installations with a focus on social change that connects and inspires people with powerful ideas and new ways of thinking that transform our lives and the world, this curated show seeks to fill the gaps and build bridges that advance the human right to equity worldwide.”

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curated by Marya Warshaw and Jillian Peña

Upstart Festival Application

Friday & Saturday, February 7-8 2014 | 8:00pm

Tickets: $15 General | $8 Low-Income

This year’s participating artists include:

Friday, February 7th

Sam Alper

Lauren Grace Bakst

Ryan David O’ Byrne

Nikima Jagudajev

Molly Poerstal

Same As Sister

Saturday, February 8th

Justin Cabrillos

Lena Lauer

Kyle Marshall

Future Ancient Greek Tragedy

Meyerwhite Dance Project

Nicole Roerick

The Upstart Festival ushers in fresh talent with an intriguing festival of performances and roundtable discussions. Artists have no more than three years of experience showing their work in New York City. Work will be produced as part of a two-day showcase in the BAX theater, Friday & Saturday February 7- 8 2014, and curated by dance/video artist and former BAX Artist In Residence Jillian Peña and Founding and Executive Director, Marya Warshaw.

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News Cycle
curated by Max Steele

News Cycle

Featuring works by Isaac Pool and Crystal Palmer, Christopher Udemezue

Friday, February 14 8:00pm | Saturday, February 15 8:00pm
Tickets: $15 General | $8 Low-Income

Within the contexts of a fin-de-siecle youth culture, social media, and the 24 hour news cycle, live performance provides a discourse to explore this notion of coping as a personal, corporeal stratagem. Who tells you what you know? How do you know it? Where do you get your information? Who is the news for? How does one navigate, make sense of, react and respond to the demands of overwhelming information?

Engaging with multiple forms, identities, and aesthetics, these performances address such questions, revealing strategies that are personal but not private.

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May 20, 2014 @ 8:00 pm

This event is FREE and open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Helix Queer Performance Network presents NEEDING IT ALL, a public showcase of new queer solo performance by Mieke D, Samantha Galarza, Tova Katz, Mette Loulou von Kohl, Rachel Eilerman Messer, and Angelica Rivera. The culmination of an 8 week-long research and development process led by performance artist Dan Fishback, the evening will feature transdisciplinary work ranging from character-based comedy to surrealist dance theatre (and everything in-between). NEEDING IT ALL is proud to feature voices at the cutting edge of New York City’s storied queer performance tradition, and its producers extend a special thank you to artists Peter Cramer, Jack Waters, Jenny Romaine, and Susana Cook for their support and guidance throughout the semester. NEEDING IT ALL is part of an ongoing education initiative of The Helix Queer Performance Network, a collaboration between La Mama Experimental Theatre Club, The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics and BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange seeking to empower queer performers, unite diverse communities and celebrate the legacy and lineage of queer performance in New York City. www.helixqpn.org

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Artist Services Day

Sunday, February 9, 2014  |  1:00pm-7:00pm

Free and open to the public.

ARTIST SERVICES DAY features an array of talks and workshops designed to support working dance, theater, performance artists and their supporters. [learn more]

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Arts and Artists in Progress Awards

Saturday, March 29, 2014 | 7:30 pm


Sarah East Johnson | 2014 Performing Artist Award

Passing it on to Ashley Brockington

Paul Langland | 2014 Arts Educator Award

Passing it on to Ellen Fisher

Sheila Lewandowski & Brian Rogers for The Chocolate Factory 2014 Arts Manager Award

Passing it on to Carla Peterson

Marlène Ramírez-Cancio | 2014 Honorary Artist Advocate Award

To learn more about Arts and Artists in Progress Awards click [HERE

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FREE and OPEN to the public.

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 7:30pm | Erin Markey (theater)
Saturday, November 16th, 2013 1:00pm | Max Steele (theater)3:00pm | Melanie Jones (theater)5:00pm | Katy Pyle and The Ballez (dance)
Sunday, November 17th, 2013 1:00pm | LOVE | FORTÈ, A Collective (dance)3:00pm | Anna Sperber (dance)

Featuring BAX’s Artists In Residence (AIR), the Open Studio Series begins a shared journey through the creative process. The audience engages with the artists as they open the doors to their rehearsal practice. This journey continues with the Works-in Progress Series in January, and culminates in the Spring performances. This is a rare opportunity to follow a work and engage its creators from the early stages through to full productions.

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Artists in Residence
2014 Works in Progress Series

Thursday-Saturday, January 23-25 @ 8pm | Sunday, January 26 @ 6pm

Tickets: $15 General | $8 Low-income

The Artists in Residence Works-in Progress Series is designed to offer both artists and audience the opportunity to exchange their impressions of the work. After the artists show their excerpts, they return to the stage for a moderated discussion that delves into their intentions and inspirations, and the audience’s perception.

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by Melanie Jones

Directed by Stefanie Abel Horowitz
Music and Sound by Pietro Amato

Friday-Saturday, April 11-12 @ 8:00pm | Sunday, April 13 @ 6:00pm

Tickets: $15 General | $8 Low-income

Everyone has voices in their heads: mundane obsessions, cereal commercials, memories, abstract fear. Superficial worries escalating into apocalyptic anxiety before the first cup of coffee. An existential vortex gutting the usual morning routine. Diving into the lived experience of anxiety and depression, IN YOU. (AND YOU?) mines the transformative potential of discord. Immersing audiences in the central character’s competing thoughts and the gravitational pull of mounting tension, a 360-degree surround sound experience blurs the line between performer and observer.

Avoiding work at the height of her career, a radio host battles conflicting thoughts and a stalled morning routine while under self-imposed exile in her bathroom. Failed bathtub masturbation, dubious mold and rhythmic rumination spiral her down into sudden cacophonous terror, pushing and pulling between a stubborn avoidance to face past wounds and the inevitability of change.

IN YOU (AND YOU?) frames anxiety and depression, not as medical or genetic conditions, but as catalysts for transformation – the dark night of the soul described by mystics, recovering addicts and spiritual seekers. Contained in her bathroom and submerged in her own suffering, both character and audience are unable to escape into distraction. Compelled toward acceptance, IN YOU. (AND YOU?) explores the wisdom of surrender and the absolution that can only be found in the present moment.

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Memory Withholdings
by Love|Fortè, A Collective

Friday-Saturday, April 25-26 @ 8:00pm | Sunday, April 27 @ 6:00pm

Tickets: $15 General | $8 Low-Income

After several years of development prior to and within our 2-year residency at BAX, we’ve developed a project that examines the notion of memory residing in the bodies and practices of African descendant communities in North America. There are places where we, as African descendants, have become rooted through culture: communities that hold our traditions, and bodies that signify a shared experience.

Concurrent with installations on the top floor and theatre at BAX, we’re weaving the work with film and media design to create an interactive performance experience for our audiences.

In a sea of ambiguity around race and inequity, what seems clear, is the value of culture as a humanizing element that informs conversations seeking to dismantle inequity. With Memory Withholdings we intend to be participants and catalysts of these conversations.


The Dance Enthusiast Hits the Streets to Ask About Memory

“I’ll be around…”: Love and Forté transform BAX by Eva Yaa Asentewaa

Charmaine Warren conversation with Love | Fortè

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by Max Steele

Friday-Saturday, May 2-3 @ 8:00pm | Sunday, May 4 @ 6:00pm

Tickets: $15 General | $8 Low-Income

MAPPLETHORPE tells his origin story, explaining how he made his dream of being a singer come true, with a little help from the Sky. MAPPLETHORPE leads the audience through his journey of self-discovery and the realization that with great talent comes great responsibility. With big dreams come big nightmares, and MAPPLETHORPE’s journey from the gutter to the stage will serve as both an inspiration and a cautionary tale. MAPPLETHORPE is a cabaret intervention, a nightclub act for scaredy-cats. Whether or not you know it, and whether or not you’re willing to admit it, you’re being held captive against your will, and MAPPLETHORPE is here, just in the nick of time, to pay your ransom.

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by Erin Markey

Erin Markey
Music by Emily Bate, Erin Markey and Kenny Mellman
Directed by Will Davis and Erin Markey
Featuring Emily Bate, Becca Blackwell, Erin Markey and Kenny Mellman

Friday-Saturday, May 9-10 @ 8:00pm | Sunday, May 11 @ 6:00pm

Tickets: $15 General | $8 Low-Income

 A Ride on The Irish Cream is a dark surrealist musical comedy about a grown girl’s relationship to family, femininity, sexuality and pop culture–a collection of fictionalized melodic accounts of true stories from the life of Erin Markey. It uses a fully integrated live band and video to create a shape-shifting fantasy backyard, a playing space for the thrills and terrors of a relationship between a vainglorious self-made princess named Reagan (Erin Markey) and a proud horse/pontoon boat named Irish Cream (Becca Blackwell.) They are in love, but when their relationship is tested by hurricanes, psoriasis, masculinity, sex for money and moms, the only way to stay together is to remember all the parts of themselves their bodies tried to forget.

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by Katy Pyle & Jules Skloot with the Ballez


Friday-Saturday, June 13-14 @ 8:00pm | Sunday, June 15 @ 6:00pm

Tickets: $15 General | $8 Low-Income

In Sleeping Beauty and the Beast, trouble arises when the daughter of a Lower East Side garment industry king falls for a lesbian fiber artist at her 16th birthday party. The Violet Faery puts everyone to sleep for 100 years so that the Princess can come out instead in 1993.In this new Ballez, queers return to the problematic form of ballet under Pyle’s direction to write a new story from the archetypal tales of Sleeping Beauty, as created by Petipa in 1890, and Beauty and the Beast, as created by the radical lesbian theater company Split Britches in 1983.This production continues the work of Ballez, which wrestles with the reality of queer bodies within the heteronormative, elitist form of ballet; utilizing queer magic and adaptability to find freedom and beauty in a community driven project of research, queer narrative creation, and evolving performance.

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EVERY ROOM IS OPEN (work in progress)
by Anna Sperber

Anna _Sperber_banner

Friday-Saturday, June 20-21 @ 8:00pm | Sunday, June 22 @ 6:00pm
Tickets: $15 General | $8 Low-Income

My work addresses the vibrancy, vulnerability, and power of the moving body. I look to access a layer of experience where exultation, pleasure, sensuality, fear, tension, and beauty are felt on a kinesthetic and visceral level.

I utilize a combination of technical rigor and improvisation to generate a deep rawness of emotion through endurance. Through extended explorations of almost trance like repetitive sequences, subtle changes evolve into what is experienced as glacial shifts. The relentless progression of repetition echos and draws upon occurrences and patterns in the natural world, as well as the body’s innate strength and sense of rhythm. At times the work can almost reach an experience which is akin to the feeling of tidal waves, which swell and break in turns of violence and calm.

Each piece has own sense of time, and unique visual landscape creating a feeling of dropping into an alternate and surreal world.

See the show’s listing in the Village Voice.

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