2010/11 Performance Season

For BAX’s 20th Birthday Season, alumni, faculty, current and former resident artists provided a striking curatorial dynamism. They pulled from their experiences and interests at BAX and beyond, representing the past, present and future.

Performance & Discussion Series
Space Grant Showcase
Featuring Vanessa Anspaugh, Corinne Donly, and devynn emory/beast productions more info

 Guest Curations BURLESQUE AD INFINITUM curated by Victoria Libertore
more info

PROMETHEUS EXPOSED curated by Fernando Maneca | more info

BEYOND BAX, Twenty years of teaching and learning | more info

regarding essential bodies curated by Dean Moss | more info

more info

WILD BEASTS SPEAK AND MOVE curated by Victoria Libertore  more info

BELIEVING PERFORMANCE/PERFORMING BELIEF curated by luciana achugar & Jennie MaryTai Liu | more info

UPSTART FESTIVAL curated by Shannon Hummel & Marya Warshaw
more info

Special Events BAX 20th Birthday Celebration and Arts and Artists in Progress Awards more info

AIR Shows AIR Open Studio | more info

AIR Works in Progress | more info

thirtynothing, A SOLO PERFORMANCE by Dan Fishback
more info

YE’RE HERE, CUZIN! by Catherine Dill | more info

intimacy, A SOLO DANCE by Levi Gonzalez | more info

SANDWOMAN, A work-in-progress by Mina Nishimura | more info


featuring Vanessa Anspaugh, Corinne Donly, and devynn emory/beast productions

December 3-4, 2010

The SPACE GRANT PROGRAM at BAX is designed to give Brooklyn based dance, theater and performance artists the opportunity to create new work in a setting that is conducive to working deeply and exploring new territory.

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curated by Victoria Libertore
ONE EVENING, TWO SHOWS: 7:30 pm & 9:30 pm

ALL BURLESQUE ALL EVENING!!!! This is the last burlesque show Victoria Libertore aka Howling Vic curates for a long, long time (maybe ever). Come see a stupendous lineup of her students from years past. Some are now burlesque stars. Some are teachers, students, moms. Some are performing burlesque for the first time. Over 20 acts! Performers include Fetchin’ Gretchen, Plum Manchego and a bevy of wild, profane and beautiful creativity. (See list below.) Victoria emcees as her alter ego Liza. Audiences have said their faces hurt from laughing so hard. www.howlingvic.com

The line-up:

7:30PM SHOW: 9:30 PM SHOW:
Auburn Hills Anna Dentata
Bitty Bamboo Bougie
Brauntastic Goldy Mane
Cora Caverns Fetchin’ Gretchen
Crystal Balls aka Lauren Hunter Lady Liplock
Dom Juan Luscious von Dykester
Jazabel Jade Peek-O- De Guy-O
Kstar Ruby Rosebloom
Plum Manchego Stella Wolf
Poisoned Ivy Tender Loin
Sparkle Plenty Wendy Darling
Tallulah Luv
Tiny D.


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curated by Fernando Maneca

Friday & Saturday, December 17-18, 2010 @ 8:00 pm

featuring works by Karen Bernard/Solo, Julie Fotheringham & Jarryd Lowder, and Joshua Fried’s Radio Wonderland.

Curated by former Artist In Residence (2004-06), Fernando Maneca, PROMETHEUS EXPOSED is the kick-off event for BAX’s 2010/11 PERFORMANCE & DISCUSSION SERIES. A long-time fan of technology in the arts, Mr. Maneca brought together three very different artists who manipulate technology on stage, reinterpreting the present while quoting pop and underground sub-cultures. The work will serve as a point of departure for the post performance discussion. By curating work that features technology rather than hiding it, Mr. Maneca hopes that the discussion will revolve around how the various forms of visible and invisible technology have influenced the performing arts throughout history and its rocky relationship with patrons, critics and other artists.

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BEYOND BAX, Twenty years of teaching and learning
directed by Jesse Phillips-Fein


January 9, 2011

This performance features 15 of the hundreds of alumni and faculty (current and former) of BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange along with current students of BAX’s Dance Performance Workshop Level 3. These artists will perform a collaborative work exploring the meanings and memories of teaching and learning at BAX. Directed by Jesse Phillips-Fein–alumnae, former faculty member, and current board member– this special celebration is a unique way in which BAX educates and nurtures teachers and learners.

The performance features Amy Beth Schneider, Andrew Jannetti, Diane Tomasi, Ellynne Skove, Emma Skove-Epes, Jesse Philiips-Fein, Kate Lieberman, Kelly Healy Amores, Nasrene Haj-Yehia, Pene McCourty, Nicki Marshall, Helen Tocci, Becky Pearl, Donna Costello, Rachel Lane, Charlie Colon, and a few other special surprise guests.

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regarding essential bodies
curated by Dean Moss

Friday & Saturday, February 4-5, 2011 @ 8:00 pm

featuring works by Eric Conroe, Aaron Hodges, Pedro Jiménez, and Sari Nordman

Dean Moss’ curatorial statement:

In the cast of Nameless forest I found myself working with some extraordinarily interesting and multi-talented artists. A few of which I had known for some time and a few who were completely new to me. During the process of our rehearsals they showed an uncommon level of insight, vulnerability and cohesion. It seemed only natural to want to respond to their intense personal dedication. Since I don’t have an ongoing repertory company, when the opportunity arose to curate them at BAX I took it. I wanted to encourage their personal artistic aspirations and professional development as independent artists with aesthetic concerns and practices completely unrelated to my own, but through which we share a rich dialogue. Individually Sari, Pedro, Eric and Aaron each will bring something sincerely unique to the BAX audience. But I know you will also see the articulated vulnerability, emotional cohesion and aesthetic energy that together they share, and I find so fascinating.

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Crossing the Cultural Divide
curated and hosted by Judith Sloan, co-artistic director of EarSay, Inc

Friday & Saturday, February 11-12, 2011 @ 8:00 pm

featuring works by Parul Shah, NYCSubwayGirl, and Abran “Aronic” Maldonado

Judith Sloan’s curatorial statement:

Crossing the Cultural Divide brings together artists from disparate ethnic and cultural backgrounds and performance genres. The artists chosen all have a core value of opening up dialogue through their art whether it is songwriting, dance, rap, or theatre. Included in this evening are Parul Shah, an internationally acclaimed Kathak dancer and choreographer whose work is expanding the classical medium beyond cultural boundaries. I saw Parul’s work in Queens where she performed an excerpt of a dance that included traditional Indian dance movement with modern choreography and I was simply astounded at her ability to blend the traditional with modern. Abran Maldonado is a hip hop educator, performer, and poet who was born and raised in the Lower East Side, NYC and northern New Jersey. He has witnessed the evolution of urban music and the effect it has on socio-political issues in the urban community. I met Abran through my director Michael Dinwiddie and was immediately engaged in a ‘listening’ experience as he expounded on hip hop, rap, urban youth and his role as an educator, thinker, and scholar in addition to his art work. Cathy Grier is a singer/songwriter who has participated in New York City’s MTA program, Music Under New York where she is also known as NYCSubwayGirl. I literally saw Cathy come up from underground at the WNYC Greene Space where she was a finalist in the Manhattan Battle of the Bands. She immediately wowed the audience but was also incredibly heartfelt in her appreciation of being appreciated. I later saw her at Joe’s Pub and was struck by many things, in particular a medley that she performed while we were viewing video of her life ‘underground’ and her interactions with New Yorkers. Putting these three very different performers on stage is exactly what Crossing the Cultural Divide is about. As the co-artistic director of a non-profit EarSay, Inc. I have been engaged in producing, performing and educating in collaboration with a wide variety of artists and have worked in and entered many different worlds. I am bringing a taste of those disparate worlds, of artists who would not normally end up on the same stage together but have a commitment to their art, to being the best they can be, and also engaging in a supportive community of artists. The dialogue and discussion following this performance will focus on these artists and how their work shifts and changes by being engaged with other people rather than being ‘afraid of the other’, we let curiosity lead the way. In curating this event, I knew I wanted to have a dancer who could use the beautiful floor at BAX, a melodic singer, and a rapper; all three representing different communities. This program is a partnership with EarSay, with additional support from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

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Wild Beasts Speak and Move
curated by Victoria Libertore

Friday & Saturday, February 25-26, 2011 @ 8:00 pm

featuring works by Gretchen Winterkorn, Raïna von Waldenburg, Becca Blackwell, Virginia Venk

Victoria Libertore curates a weekend of some of her favorite performers who are dynamic, daring and generous. These wo/men are wild beasts of the arts and their jungle is the stage. Come see the brand-spankin’ new performance work of Becca Blackwell, Virginia Venk, Raïna von Waldenburg and Gretchen Winterkorn.

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Believing Performance / Performing Belief
curated by luciana achugar & Jennie MaryTai Liu

Friday, March 25, 2011 @ 8:00 pm | Saturday, March 26, 2011 @ 7:30 pm

Conversation to follow Saturday’s Performance.

featuring works by Felix & Dexter Ciprián | Ximena Garnica & Shige Moriya / LEIMAY | Lyndsey Karr | Jessica Morgan

luciana achugar and Jennie MaryTai Liu’s curatorial statement:

As we considered how to curate a group of performing artists, we looked at what the two of us had in common in terms of our interests and what drives us to make work, and we decided not to invite artists who we simply “liked”. Our curatorial approach is to look at the philosophy or ideology that drives artists to make work, and we invited artists that seem invested deeply in their work as a stance in the world, artists who seem directly concerned with choreographing their personal politics. This eclectic group of artists work with dance, theater, text, design, music and sound in varying degrees of focus. We hope that laying these distinct artist’s works alongside each other will inspire a conversation about how politics and aesthetics are entwined, how differing mediums convey subject matter, and how an artist’s worldview is reflected and even created through their process and work.

“Believing Performance/Performing Belief” — Conversation
Saturday, March 26th, 8:45pm (after the performance)

How do we (consciously or subconsciously) perform our ideologies? Where does aesthetic vision intersect with belief? The curators invite the audience into a conversation with the artists on how their belief systems inspire their processes, subjects, and aspirations for working in performance.

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Curated by Shannon Hummel & Marya Warshaw


March 4-5, 2011

Featuring work by
SIMONE SOBERS in collaboration with VAL-INC

BAX ushers in freshly arrived talent through its red doors with an intriguing festival of performances and roundtable discussions. Artists have no more than three years of experience showing choreography in the city. They benefit from professional experiences to develop artistic growth and to integrate them into the community.

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BAX 20th Birthday Celebration and Arts and Artists in Progress Awards

Thursday May 5, 2011 @ the Prospect Park Picnic House

Artist Award Gus Solomons jr Choreographer and Co-Founder of PARADIGM

passing it on to Malcolm Jason Low

Arts Educator Award Terry Greiss Co-Founder/Executive Director of Irondale Ensemble Project

passing it on to Leese Walker

Arts Manager Award Leslie Strongwater former Associate Artistic Director of  Dixon Place

passing it on to Andy Horwitz

Honorary Long standing theater/dance partnership between the Brooklyn New School (BNS) and BAX, with José Joaquín García as lead teaching artist.


BAX Arts & Artists in Progress Awardees have revealed and transformed our creative world. By instigating and enduring change they have deepened the
definition of their field and paved the way for others.

The BAX Passing It On Awards creates a complete cycle where a panel of peers chooses the awardees and the awardees choose someone who demonstrates some of the same qualities that they, themselves, were chosen for.


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AIR Open Studio

FREE and OPEN to the public.

Featuring BAX’s Artists-In-Residence (AIR) and Space Grant (SG) recipients, this series allows the audience a rare glimpse into the creative process, and the opportunity to engage with the artists in an informal rehearsal studio setting.


Devynn Emory
(SG: dance)Monday, November 15 @ 7:00 pm

Dan Fishback
(AIR: theater)Tuesday, November 16 @ 7:00 pm

Catharine Dill
(AIR: theater)Wednesday, November 17 @ 7:00 pm

Levi Gonzalez
(AIR: dance)Sunday, November 21 @ 3:00 pm

Mina Nishimura
(AIR: dance)Sunday, November 21 @ 5:00 pm

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Artist in Residence Works in Progress

Thursday-Sunday, January 20-23, 2010

Featuring work by:

Catharine Dill, Dan Fishback, Levi Gonzalez, Mina Nishimura

Works-in Progress Series is designed to offer both artists and audience the opportunity to exchange their impressions of the work. After the artists show their excerpts, they return to the stage for a moderated discussion that delves into their intentions and inspirations, and the audience’s perception.

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A Solo Performance by Dan Fishback

April 8th – 10th, 2011

Dan Fishback’s thirtynothing is a multi-media solo performance exploring the generation gap between gay men who died during the early years of AIDS and gay men who were born during those same years. A sort of “performance zine,” the show will incorporate images of work by lost gay artists, images and drawings from Fishback’s own childhood, and stories from the lives of various gay men who lived, died, and grew up during the 80s and early 90s. Fishback underscores this monologue-based piece using small instruments like casios and ukuleles to paint an intimate, mournful and quirky portrait of gay life during and after a catastrophe. Marking both the 30th anniversary of AIDS and Fishback’s 30th birthday, thirtynothing memorializes the fallen while posing critical questions to all who survive.

Gay City Newscaught up with Fishback in advance of his preview performances at BAX.
Click HERE to see what Dan had to say about the performance.

Click HERE for more information on Dan Fishback.

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by Catharine Dill

April 15th – 17th, 2011

YE’RE HERE, CUZIN! is a reverse-“Grapes of Wrath” road trip, navigating the cultural chasm between a suburban California enclave and an isolated Arkansas hill town. Narrated by a passionately accurate (or possibly delusional) Mrs. Byrd, YE’RE HERE, CUZIN! inhabits an immersive video and sound environment channeling the perceptions of two kids in the backseat as their parents embark on a deluded journey to the Ozarks in search of the simple life. Narrator and family confront each other over their shared, troubled history, revealing both the limitations of familial love and its stranglehold on perspective.

YE’RE HERE, CUZIN! is Exploding Moment’s fourth original, full length work, following CAN I HELP YOU?, our critically acclaimed performance at The Bushwick Starr. The project features veteran Exploding Moment team members Catharine Dill (director), Steven Boling (video), Ashley Smith (choreography), Sharla Meese and Katherine Wessling (performers), and a two new collaborators–composer Dave Steele (Music Director of Blue Man Group), and performer Dave Shelley (Associate Member, The Wooster Group).

The fictional family of YE’RE HERE, CUZIN! navigates a constantly-shifting, impressionistic world comprising multiple projected video backgrounds and a richly layered sound environment that includes bird songs, the Arkansas radio soap opera “Lum n’ Abner” and Dave Steele’s original compositions.

YE’RE HERE, CUZIN! asks audiences to piece together a family’s story, even as the family itself is falling apart. While the parents daydream, bicker and complain, their children react with confusion and rebellion. They are championed by the intervening Mrs. Byrd, a narrator who may be the children’s teacher, aunt, or imaginary friend. As they parse the characters’ impulsive, sometimes violent psychic states, audiences are compelled to sympathize with more than one unreliable narrator and to examine their own mutable perception.

Video artist and designer Steven Boling has created the immersive video environment against a music and sound landscape created by Dave Steele of Blue Man Group.

Click HERE for more information on Catharine Dill and Exploding Moment.

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A Solo Dance by Levi Gonzalez

April 29th – May 1st, 2011

In his solo, intimacy, Levi Gonzalez attempts to bring the practice of making into the moment of live performance. In constructing material for this work, he prioritizes instinct over concept, cultivating sensitivity to what resonates with him on a visceral level. By exploring the idiosyncrasies of his own interests in movement and performance, he builds a structure that exposes his own personal relationship to the form. Often framing the action with language, he establishes a directness with the spectator that resists metaphor, while still leaving space for the engagement of the imagination. Ultimately the work examines the intimacy of the relationship between performer and audience, and how we navigate this shared experience. The solo is being developed in collaboration with dramaturg Susan Mar Landau.

Levi Gonzalez spoke to the Brooklyn Eagle about what the BAX residency has meant to him.
Click HERE to see what he had to say.

Levi also took some time to talk about his new work with Eva Yaa Asantewaa. Click HERE to listen to what he had to say about intimacy on her blog, Infinite Body.

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A work-in-progress by Mina Nishimura

May 13th – 15th, 2011

Sandwoman explores nuanced, unsettled and ambiguous movement that is contrasted in lights and shadows. Allusive shapes and specific images embodied by performers punctuate the sand-like, ever-moving atmosphere. With a sense of conspiracy and sympathy, these five female performers carry out their enigmatic mission.

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