The Theater at BAX has an intimate atmosphere. Somewhere between a loft and a black-box, this theater allows audiences and artists to enjoy a creative dialogue unlike any other in NYC.

We present over 50 performance evenings and matinees each season featuring work by our Artists In Residence (AIR) and Space Grantees, Visitor’s Programs, Guest Curated Performance & Discussion Series, the Upstart Festival, and the work of young artists from our arts education programs and beyond.

Visit the PERFORMANCE SEASON page for the entire 2014/15 Season and STAY TUNED to find out what’s going on now and what’s about to happen at BAX!

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EmergeLAB @ BAX

Friday-Saturday, October 17-18 @ 8:00pm

Tickets: $16 General, $10 Low-income

EmergeLAB@BAX, comprised of alumni of the EmergeNYC program at the Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics, provides a non-curated, non-hierarchical space for artistic development.


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curated by ERIN MARKEY (2013/15 BAX Artist In Residence)

Friday October 24 @ 8:00 pm
Saturday, October 25 @ 8:00 pm

Memory Foam is about making a you-shaped imprint to sleep inside of. And by sleep I mean be the star of a million self-authored dreams that you will have no capacity to remember when you wake up.


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curated by MELANIE JONES (2013/15 BAX Artist In Residence)
featuring Cagey Productions, Theatre Conspiracy, and Danielle Marleau

Friday, October 31 @ 8:00 pm
Saturday, November 1 @ 8:00 pm

Are Canadians really polite? Is the Great White North truly a socialist utopia?
You don’t care, you’re American.

CANADIANS ARE MEAN confronts the (in)visibility of Canadian artists in NYC. We walk among you undetected. We pass as American, but we are Other all the same. We confuse and complicate stereotypes of agreeable, boring Canucks with performance that is dark, frustrated, filled with longing. Join us, won’t you, for an evening of good old-fashioned immigrant angst, alienation and small country syndrome?


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Join BAX PARTNERS | Get ready to be inspired!

Sunday, November 9 from 5-7pm

We are very pleased to invite you to a special BAX PARTNERS reception!

We hope you take this opportunity to learn more about where we come from, how we make the impact we do and how you can make a difference.


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