The Theater at BAX has an intimate atmosphere. Somewhere between a loft
and a black-box, this theater allows audiences and artists to enjoy a creative
dialogue unlike any other in NYC.

We present over 50 performance evenings and matinees each season featuring work by our Artists In Residence (AIR) and Space Grantees, the Upstart Program, Guest Curated Performance & Discussion Series, Visitor’s Programs, and the work of young artists from our arts education programs and beyond.

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Sight Lines

Curated by Catherine Galasso

Friday-Saturday, April 13-14, 2018 @ 8pm

Sight Lines: A Night of Performance in Dialogue with the Work of Michael Galasso is a curatorial project by Catherine Galasso. Initiated to create new dialogues around the body of musical work by composer Michael Galasso, her late father, Catherine has invited six artists/pairings of varied aesthetic, artistic, and creative concerns to create 5-7 minute choreographic responses to unpublished recordings of his compositions [more].


an investigation-in-process, by Maria Bauman/MBDance

Friday-Saturday, April 27-28, 2018 @ 8pm

(re)Source, investigation-in-progress, is shaping up to be an improvisatory piece wherein Bauman dances, sings, and speaks through the assets in her family (both the white and the Blackfolks), what it takes to make it in Trump’s U.S., and what her research into maroonage and her own ancestors have to do with all of that...[more]

Iona Flies Away

Written and directed by Tanisha Christie

May 11, 2018 @ 8pm

On summer’s sweltering days, a young Iona heads to the beach on a family outing with Daddy, Brother, Mama and Uncle – who always shows up. Even though the sandy shores and the seagulls swirling satiate Iona’s lonely soul, she is already aware that her skin color and gender might have marked her...[more]